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Are You Electrically Sensitive?

If so, then perhaps you’ll a href=”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/femail/article.html?in_article_id=450995in_page_id=1879″identify with this woman /awho has to wear a veil of protection to keep her from being contaminated by the modern world (Hat Tip: a href=”http://www.eddriscoll.com/” Ed Driscoll): /abr /br /blockquoteSarah, 51, is one of a growing band of people who claim to be experiencing extreme – and incapacitating – sensitivity to electrical appliances, as well as to certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves. br /br /”Wi-Fi, or wireless broadband networks, seem to be the worst thing,” she says. br /br /”Closely followed by mobile phones – particularly if they’re being used in an enclosed space – the base stations of cordless telephones and mobile phone masts. br /br /”I have to restrict the amount of time I spend on the computer or watching television, and make sure I don’t have too many household appliances on at once, because that sets me off as well.” br /br /This may sound bizarre, but there is no doubt that Sarah’s symptoms are real. br /br /To date, they include hair loss, sickness, high blood-pressure, digestive and memory problems, severe headaches and dizziness. br /br /They strike with such ferocity that, since diagnosing herself as “electrically sensitive” in May 2005, she has been marooned at home. br /br /She can’t work. When she wants to phone friends, she has to use a land-line – a significant advancement, it turns out, because she was so ill at one stage, she says, that she couldn’t even touch an ordinary receiver without feeling a violent shock pass up her arm. /blockquotebr /br /If you are suffering from the same emhorrible/em fate as Sarah, apparently there is help available through a wonderful charitable website called a href=”http://www.electrosensitivity.org.uk/”electrosensitivity.org.uk./a where they ask for only a ten pound donation. Here is more about their mission:br /br /blockquoteES-UK is the association for the electrically hypersensitive (EHS). Charity Commission registered number 1103018. We support those made ill by electromagnetic fields/RF/microwaves and work to educate the public. Awareness and recognition of this ill-health reaction is urgently needed. /blockquotebr /br /Okay, I shouldn’t joke, I suppose this could be real. What do you think?