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Update in the Mary Winkler Case

The a href=”http://www.wate.com/Global/story.asp?S=6386981″verdict is in for the Mary Winkler case/a: voluntary manslaughter: br /br /blockquoteMary Winkler showed no emotion when it was announced Thursday she had been found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of her minister husband.br /br /She was convicted in the death of Matthew Winkler, a popular Church of Christ preacher in the rural West Tennessee town of Selmer. br /br /The prosecution had asked that Mary Winkler be convicted of first-degree murder. But the jury made up of a majority of women settled on the lesser charge after deliberating for eight hours Thursday.br /br /Winkler faces between three and six years in prison when she’s sentenced in May. She remains free on bond. /blockquotebr /br /Well, it’s about the right length for a woman who blows away her husband–around six years is typical. Apparently, men’s lives have little worth in this society if they are taken by a female. How pathetic is that?