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The Freak Show in American Politics and Media

Andrew Keen talks with Mark Halperin, Political Director of ABC News, and John Harris, National Political Editor for the Washington Post, authors of %%AMAZON=1400064473 The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008%% about the freak show elements of our politics and our media as Foleymania rolls like a tsunami over our political landscape.

Halprin and Harris: “Freak show values and freak show incentives are not on the fringes, but at the center of our media.”

“There’s never been a media that 24 hours a day … emphasizes the attack, the negative, and the superficial over anything else. The current media culture allows the low culture, the attack media politics to dominate.”

“Matt Drudge is the outsider, the kid with his nose pressed against the window. …”

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