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The High of Mount Everest and the Lows of Human Behavior

I guess for people who have a dream of climbing Mount Everest, nothing else–a href=”http://www.buffalonews.com/editorial/20060525/1043217.asp”not even a person dying/a–can keep them from their goal (Hat Tip:a href=”http://althouse.blogspot.com/2006/05/when-rugged-individualist-goes-where.html” Ann Althouse/a). I say that’s pitiful. It reminds me of the French tragedy when a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_heat_wave_of_2003″thousands of elderly died of heatstroke /a when their kids and the government went on vacation in the month of August. What do you think–would you pass a dying man by to reach the top of a mountain or leave the elderly to die so you could have a vacation?