Why Do American Feminists Support the Misogynistic Iranian Regime?

Today, I received an email from an Iranian friend excited about the fact that at last American feminists seemed to be standing up for the women of Iran.

I was truly surprised recently upon hearing that Gloria Steinem finally decided to get involved and after so many years of silence is considering speaking out against the human rights violations that Iranian women have faced for thirty years.

For decades we have campaigned against the atrocities inflicted on the people of Iran, but American feminists have shown little interest in  addressing the ever-worsening plight of the Iranian women and children since the 1979 Khomeinist takeover. Their silence has been deafening.

As I read further into Steinem’s petition, I saw the name “Code Pink” and recognized the signature manipulations of that organization’s co-founder, the extremely wealthy Susan “Medea” Benjamin, who has been in bed with some of the most notorious promoters of the Iranian regime in the West.

I first met Benjamin in front of the U.S. Congress when she tried vehemently to stop me from entering into the Capitol building. I gave her one of my cards and tried to discuss with her the fact that women in Iran lack the most basic human rights. I told her if she truly cared she could help us Iranian women in the U.S. assist women inside Iran. And instead of being open to listening she gave me nothing more than the self-interested Code Pink prescription for Iranians.

A month later I heard Ms. Benjamin was attending a conference on Iran set up by the most ill-reputed Iranian regime lobby, National Iranian American Council, NIAC.

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, we discovered that Code Pink had taken one of the better-known photos of a women’s group protest inside Iran from 2006 and photoshopped it, erasing the original slogans of human rights and freedom written on a placard and replacing them with their own self-serving, anti-American message. They put Cheshire cat smiles on the faces and mouths of these innocent Iranian women and added in dancing American Code Pinkos without hijabs, rather than leaving the original images of the protesting Iranian women.

Code Pink’s efforts to show Iranian women happy, singing, with a “choice” of hijab, and protesting against America (and not the dictators of Iran) were clearly and obviously disconcerting to say the least.

After a coffee and cake party in New York that Penny Pritzker (her family owns the Hyatt chains) had for Ahmadinejad in September of 2008, Ms. Benjamin and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evens received personal invitations by the Iranian president to travel to Iran as his guests. A few months later, while the members of Code Pink were merrily having meetings with the members of the ruling clergies and Revolutionary Guards Corps and sightseeing by private planes and special motorcades in Iran, Fatemeh Haghighatpajou was hanged to death for defending her daughter from a rapist.

In her reports, Ms. Benjamin had nothing but praise for her hosts. Not a single word about the treatment of women or the misogynistic laws by her host government. When she came back, she proudly announced that her travel agency would conduct historical sightseeing tours to Iran.

How disingenuous to pretend they are for the people of Iran while it is just a ploy by the Iranian dictators and the so-called American “progressives” to help extend the dictatorship of one of the most misogynistic regimes in the world!

Why is it that these ideologically motivated people in the West have acquiesced to the Iranian regime’s ploys to disregard all human rights? By coalescing with the Khomeinist dictators, these so-called feminists deny to the people of Iran the very same rights they claim to demand for themselves.

During the last 33 years, the Iranian regime has pushed Iran into an eight-year bloody war, murdering over one million Iranians (and Iraqis). They have isolated the Iranian people from the international community while their own children and relatives have grown wealthy and traveled the world freely. They have caused numerous economic sanctions on the people of Iran. While robbing the country blind, they have spent the rest of the country’s assets in the international market to buy missiles, nuclear materials, and terrorist attacks. They have destroyed all the manufacturing of Iran by gutting industries in order to secure the support of the Chinese. Is this an Iranian government or a foreign occupier of Iran?

Now we hear their propaganda through American progressives and feminists who are campaigning against the possibility of war, pretending they care about the people of Iran.