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Where, Oh Where Are Those Rich Democrat Patriots?

I don’t know about you, fellow taxpayers, but I’m not terribly impressed so far with how Obama and his enabling cabal of Democrat Congress critters have been using the money we’ve already given them.  Instead of bearing down on incentivizing  job creation in the private sector — a proven strategy for ending recessions — Obama, Pelosi, and Reid went on a wild government spending spree that made George W. Bush and his spendthrift pals look like veritable tightwads.

The Democrats spent two years growing the federal government, handing huge sums of our money to their union cronies and propping up every idiotic liberal dream scheme that ever popped out of an intellectual’s closet. They had the unrivaled gall to call this stupid stuff “economic stimulus.” Then, they shoved that big-bleeping-deal Obamacare down our throats — just assuming, I suppose, that someone, somewhere would create the wealth to pay for it.

Our November votes, at least, put a set of brakes on Obama’s socialist dune buggy, but his adolescent lead foot just can’t wait to get back on the spending-our-money accelerator. With American families eating less every week to make up for “nonexistent” inflation, Barry O has his task cut out for him. With gas skyrocketing and prices expected to hit $5.00 a gallon by Memorial Day, American families are now scaling back those already-pared-to-the-bone vacation plans. The president managed to read that committee-written speech he had on his teleprompter with his customary deadpan eloquence. Enough to impress Democrats, perhaps, but not to call forth from the rest of America a vast, heartened outcry of “Give it all to the government!”

So, where, oh where are those rich Democrat patriots when their president really needs them to pay the bills he has recklessly run up?

Surely you remember, dear readers, sleepy Joe Biden’s delightful shout-out to his fellow liberals in September ’08. Then Senato-Biden, campaigning for the role he now holds as Vice President, told an ABC television audience that wealthier Americans needed to pay more taxes, needed to “jump in,” “be patriotic,” and help our country “out of the rut.”

Why do Democrats equate writing a check with the laying down of one’s life for our freedom?

An intelligence gap, perhaps. Or an as-yet-undiscovered yellow-bellied gene, maybe.

Since Democrats seem to get hot and bothered whenever any conservative or Republican questions their patriotism, here is the best chance they may ever get to show their true colors.

If these rich Democrats want to claim that “paying more taxes” makes one a patriotic American, and want to put one’s payments of money on the same plane as voluntarily laying one’s life down for the liberty we all continue to enjoy, then let them.

But why should we have to wait until the Democrats enact huge tax increases and force all of us to turn America into another failed socialist state?  Let them get out those checkbooks. Now is the time for them to come to the aid of their country and their fellow Americans.

If there is some law that forbids rich folks from writing unsolicited checks to the federal government, get it off the books right now. Right this minute.

Let the line form at every IRS office in the USA.

Let’s start with a few of the Democrats who bear direct responsibility for the worst recession “since the Great Depression.” The best-loved patrons of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Nearly all of them Democrats.

Bill, Hillary, and prophet Al will take the lead, I’m sure.

Bill and Hillary Clinton may have started out as humble middle-classers, but during the Bush years, they got rich. With a net worth of $34.9 million, as revealed by disclosure documents in Hillary’s run for the White House, I would have to say that Bill and Hillary can afford to throw millions into the federal coffers.

The Clintons were not rich when they arrived at the White House in 1993. But that picture has changed quite substantially in the last 10 years. Bill Clinton has turned the ex-presidency into a multi-million dollar enterprise, and raked in $41 million in speaking fees alone in the first six years after he left office, charging $150,000 a gab fest. And, of course, that’s not even counting the small change, like his presidential pension of $201,000 per year, plus Hillary’s Sec State salary of $186,600 a year, plus the more than $20 million they made off their memoirs.

Since leaving office, Al Gore has made even more money than both Clintons combined. With his big-tent revival style and his global warming scam, Al Gore has become not just rich, but filthy rich.

With a net worth estimated at $100 million, Al can afford, I think, a bit of patriotic giving right now. I found this rich little nugget on Gore’s awesome monetary success after leaving office, and was quite shocked to see that Al gets even more for speaking than Bill Clinton, $175,000 per prophecy.

I would just hate for Al to have to sell one of his homes or — heaven forbidconserve energy, in order to help us taxpayers out a bit with the debt, but I’m sure Al will want to be acknowledged as a fine patriot in the Biden tradition. So, let’s just ask him to step up to the plate with his fat, fat checkbook and give Uncle Sam some of those millions.

The latest Roll Call tally of congressional wealth shows that Democrats hold seven of the top 10 slots. John Kerry is the richest member, with an estimated net worth of $188 million. Democrat Jane Harman of California is third at $152 million. Democrat Jay Rockefeller comes in at $81 million. Senator Dianne Feinstein comes in at $46 million. Nancy Pelosi ranks lower at $21 million, but that’s not counting the close to $100 million in her husband’s name. I’m sure we’ll get lots and lots of patriotic donations from rich liberals in Congress.

Then, there’s Hollywood.

Hollywood is just brimming over with rich Democrats, who cannot wait, I’m sure, to demonstrate their patriotism. Well, let’s see those checkbooks.

George Clooney, Barbra Streisand, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, Sheryl Crow, Whoopi Goldberg, and all the rest of them can take a break from spouting off about The One they helped elect and get in line to do their duty. Millions and millions and millions are sure to come forth from the Hollywood denizens of true patriotism. Instead of spreading all that wealth around in the third world, these Hollywood patriots can start putting that money towards alleviating American poverty.

New York, if I’m not mistaken, is also home to a number of very, very rich, oh-so-patriotic Democrats. We’ve already gotten the Clintons on board, but let’s make sure we don’t leave out the biggest fat-cat Democrat of all — George Soros. Good old George can start passing the hat among all his comrades and cronies. We won’t turn down a dime of that patriotic cash.

When all the patriotism of Democrat Americans is tapped out, I say we send President Obama back to Europe with a bunch of hats, so he can pass them among all his European “fellow citizens of the world.”

How could they say No to President O?

As for me, I’m sick and tired of listening to the moralizing “We’re so generous, really we are” liberal Democrat mantra. Democrats patriotic?  Generous? Oh, please.

As long as they’re using other people’s money, their talk is all red, white, and blue.

When it comes to their own purses and lives, however, the only color they recognize is neon yellow.