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California Wins Dumbest State Award in Landslide

It’s the proverbial morning after and with votes counted, California has won the Dumbest State Award in a historic landslide of monstrous proportions.

All Californians can now see Greece from their bedroom windows.  No need to even go to the backyards and crane their little necks.

In the coming years, the unions, who have been bilking Californians in a protection-racket type scheme, will be taking to the streets in massive, destructive temper tantrums just like those out-in-the-cold workers in other failed socialist states across the big pond. It won’t be pretty.

All the while Californians have been lining the greedy pockets of union masters, they’ve also saddled their economy with the greenest of the green anti-pollution laws, which they’ve just voted overwhelmingly to keep in place.  At the very same time, they’ve neglected their infrastructure to the degree that whole cities will probably be condemned shortly as uninhabitable by anything higher on the evolutionary scale than rats. California’s sanctuary cities openly flout federal immigration laws with impunity now, but if they keep it up they’re going to face a loud demand from the other 49 for their statehood and immediate, irreversible secession by force.

Michigan voters saw their future Greece-like fate and changed course. Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida did likewise.  Others all across America’s heartland had the smarts to rein in out-of-control Democrat-socialists before their states hit the fans of bankruptcy history. They got it.

Californians still don’t get it.

Let’s start with the election of Governor Moonbeam. As I’m thinking of Jerry Brown’s reincarnated governorship, I’m already visualizing his mouth covered in duct tape for four years.  Honestly, I’ll be the first to admit that Meg Whitman, although a brilliant businesswoman, was not the most spectacular political candidate. But really, have Californians been so brainwashed that they mistake a forked silver tongue for actual abilities in the budget-balancing realm?  It’s enough to make bright citizens in the other 49 run for the barf bags. Never has a generation so disgraced their ingenuous, hard-working, self-reliant ancestors.

Nancy Pelosi’s disgraceful tenure as House speaker got the national drubbing she had been begging for since she first pranced around with the big gavel and unethically (illegally, probably) started her own foreign policy in the Middle East. This woman has so disgraced America, her state, her gender, her Catholic faith, and the Democrat Party that she couldn’t have won election as dog catcher in any of the other 49 states. But Californians re-elected Nancy Pelosi with a full 80% of her district’s votes. This is the woman who gushed that “Barack Obama is the man God has sent us at this time.” This is the woman who spearheaded the health care bill which started the avalanche that has destroyed Democrat political careers all across the land.  For crying out loud, Nancy Pelosi, one of the richest members of the U.S. Congress, has been one of the most egregious wasters of public funds ever to hit Washington, D.C.

She has spent our money like it was the tissue wrapping that came in her outsized collection of Gucci accessories. While the country has been suffering, Nancy Pelosi took it upon herself to go organic in the Congress’ mess, order bunches and bunches of expensive tropical flowers for her offices, and demand a huge military jet for her personal jaunts, which have already cost this country more than we can count, much of it for liquor, treats, and family members’ costs. When a reporter asked her in the aftermath of the health care vote whether the bill was constitutional (Oh, the nerve of it!), imperious Nancy mocked the question with her dimwitted, “Are you serious?”

Those Democrats who survived Ms. Pelosi’s reign in the House are already showing their disdain for her single-handedly destroying the careers of so many.  But Californians just can’t resist sending Nancy back to D.C., once again foisting her upon the rest of us. The only good news is that she will be stuck in the corner of perpetual national infamy, without gavel, chairmanship, or power. And we want our military jet back pronto!

Not to be outdone by Pelosi voters, those Californians in the 13th district reelected Rep. Pete Stark, the traitor who has made a name for himself trashing the very Constitution he swears to protect and defend.  Pete Stark has the ignominious distinction of having told a constituent to her face that the federal “government in this country can do most anything.” Never has a U.S. representative so blatantly shredded the very document he is sworn to preserve, a document that expressly tells our federal government the many things it cannot do.  Every Californian who pulled the lever for this Benedict Arnold ought to hang his head in shame and should never show his face in public again.

And now to the cake-taker in California’s miserable showing yesterday.  In a statewide race that had the entire country holding its collective breath, Californians decided to reelect “Call me Senator” Boxer, whose intelligence is so questionable that the Los Angeles Times would not even endorse her in the Democratic primary.

To put icing on this purely poisonous cake, Madame Boxer was running against a candidate – Carly Fiorina – who had the rest of us in the other 49 drooling in envy. If only we had had such a powerhouse woman willing to serve us in the U.S. Senate.  Not only is Ms. Fiorina an uber-competent, she is brilliant in both the technical and common sense realms. This woman, Carly Fiorina, held in her lovely hand the power to redeem California in the eyes of the other 49 in one fell swoop.

But what did Californians do with this golden-beyond-golden opportunity that the rest of us would have killed for?  They blew it.

Even when news broke last week that Ms. Boxer had illegally implored California’s public school teachers to send their students to work for her campaign, the dumb-beyond-dumb citizens of California just rolled their eyes, donned their valley-girl ninny suits, and marched right in to vote for the Hollywood candidate.  As those of us in the other 49 well remember, Senator Boxer is the brainy equivalent of a slug. She is the woman who stood on the once-august Senate floor and compared taxpayer-funded abortions to Viagra supplies for men. This is the woman backed to the hilt by the very unions that will tear California apart when those expected federal bailouts fail to come through.

So, with no further ado, let me bestow upon California the 2010 award for the dumbest state in the entire union.

Perhaps I will start a petition drive:  Not one dime of bailout money for California! Any legislator from the other 49 who votes to send federal bailout money to California will be toast come the next primary season.

You Californians made your bed yesterday.  Now sleep in it and don’t come crying to the rest of us when your lights go out, your water turns off, and your illegal-alien servants head back south.