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Obama’s Mantra: 'More Death by Drones'


In an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal, a senior official revealed Defense Department plans “to increase by 50% the number of daily drone flights,” including broadening “surveillance and intelligence collection in such locales as Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, the South China Sea and North Africa….”

There are already signs of more drone activity.

Recently, the U.S. military launched its first drone strikes against ISIS from Turkey.

Sadly, there is every reason to fear that the administration’s plan to do more with drones means they really plan to do less.

After Obama settled into the White House, he quickly shifted from a foreign policy that looked like “Bush-lite” to his own doctrine. A key component of the president’s plan was pretty much abandoning the war on terror. Instead, Obama opted to just keep terrorist heads down by upping the number of drone strikes.

There is nothing wrong with using drones for intelligence-gathering or as a weapon.  But, flying robots are no more a sufficient answer to defeating terrorists than a tank was to winning World War II.

And, there is plenty of evidence the president’s plan isn’t working.

So to hear the Pentagon settle on more of the same just looks like more evidence the White House doesn’t have a real strategy for the growing global Islamist danger, let alone all the other threats roving around the world.

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