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Terrorists Threaten US Soldiers on Twitter--Again

There are press reports that ISIS is online again threatening the US military in the American homeland. The taunts include tweets vowing retaliation on military personnel and their families for US air attacks against ISIS.

This isn’t the first time the terrorist group has taken to the Internet. In March,  a group, calling itself the “Islamic State Hacking Division,” posted the names, home addresses and photos of one hundred American service members and called for attacks against them.

Government sources suggest the tweets are likely legitimate ISIS-relates actions. But, there are questions over whether these are fresh activities and represent new threats or are somewhat dated. One government spokesman, for example, stated that some of the personnel information revealed was “really old.”

Like all the other terrorist social networking online, tweeting is mostly a symptom of the problem not the problem itself. What makes terrorists on the Internet dangerous is that they are connecting to human networks on the ground and fired by a terrorist state in the middle of Iraq. As long as ISIS controls its own country don’t expect this be the last Islamist offensive online.