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Does One Wise White Man Equal One Wise Latina?

The Judge Sonia Sotomayor Senate hearings have largely been a non-event. Some senators fawned, some pressed for clarification, and others cried, but the one thing we cannot doubt is that the Democrats have the votes to confirm her as a Supreme Court justice in August.

Throughout the questioning, Sotomayor equivocated, hedged, and obfuscated over a blatantly racist and sexist remark she once made: “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

Unfortunately, it was no one-timer. She reiterated these same views on several occasions over the years and, since the public became aware of her stance on the superiority of her ethnicity, support for her has plummeted. However, none of this matters in the context of the Alamo that is politically correct America.

In 2009, our society is so contaminated and corrupted by PC that when a person correctly identifies a member of a minority group as being a racist, they quickly experience a boomerang effect — wherein the same charge comes careening back at them. This is illogical and sinister but remains an apt description of the present state of affairs.

Some commentators went beyond defending Sotomayor’s character, as did one pundit on CNN. Washington Post contributing editor Cathy Areu took a more brazen approach than simple evasion. During a segment that should go down in the annals of media bias, a discussion commenced with three leftists appearing onscreen and not a single conservative to be found in the studio.

It concerned the presumed unfairness of Judge Sotomayor not being herself during the hearing. Ms. Areu not only informed viewers that Judge Sotomayor’s answers were largely confabulations but also that there was nothing wrong with the incendiary proclamations she originally made.

The young journalist left no doubt that being a sick racist is not only socially acceptable but even in vogue: “No,” she said in response to the host’s inquiry as to whether Sotomayor really meant to back down from past statements. “As a wise Latina, I can tell you, no, she’s not backing down. And she probably would want to say, not only do I mean a wise Latina, I meant any Latina could make a better decision than a white man could.”

Few quips from mainstream media flunkies raised my blood pressure more than that one. Yet her dubious insight raises some obvious questions. First, what is the basis for the belief that any female Hispanic is smarter than any white male? Is there evidence for it? Second, do white males fair poorly when juxtaposed with scores from mentally retarded Latinas? Third, are Caucasians, on aggregate, the stupidest people on earth? Fourth, if not, would she place blacks and Asians in the category of untermenschen as well?

You know, the term “feminazi” has long been derided by the Left, but it is the perfect word to describe the woman who places her own ethnicity above all others. Of course, conservatives have long known that fascism is a movement of the political Left, so it is helpful that Ms. Areu came along to elucidate this truth for everyone.

Along with her duties at the Washington Post, Ms. Areu “is the creator, owner, and publisher of Catalina, a multi-platform media company ‘for the mind, body, and soul of today’s Latina.’” Numerous geniuses such as Judy Reyes, Maria Conchita Alonso, Constance Marie, Judge Marilyn Milian, and supermodel Daisy Fuentes have all appeared on its cover.

In leftist-speak these achievements — along with Ms. Areu’s degrees in English literature and education — provide her with the necessary bona fides from which to draw conclusions on the levels of intelligence and ability amongst differing demographic groups.

Notably, no one on CNN took issue with her statement and no leftward sources have disavowed her opinion. No doubt they find her claim that white males are the Gollums who slink amongst us to be credible.

Moreover, precious few conservatives have publicized her abominable message, which leaves us with potent questions in need of answering: What exactly will it take for American men to band together and refute those who cast fallacious aspersions on our characters? When will we form the requisite will with which to defend ourselves?

An obvious retort to her irrational observations is that our nation was founded by white males such as the very ones she now disparages. Thus, if the country those Caucasians created was such an idiocracy, then why did so many Hispanics — and probably even Ms. Areu’s own ancestors — rush to join our shores?

This uber-Hispanic may wish to also explain how many Madisons, Washingtons, and Jeffersons it takes to equal one wise Latina. Four? Four hundred? Four thousand?

Whenever conservatives urge the mass of men to defend themselves, leftists are quick to pretend that we are advocating violence, but that is absurd. Self-defense should never equate with violence, particularly in light of this rabble’s endemic intellectual weaknesses. Leftists, sorry to disappoint you, but guarding one’s self-concept and asserting one’s worth have nothing to do with harming others.

No doubt that a false pride and self-esteem emitting machine like Ms. Areu has rarely encountered actual verbal opposition. Indeed, in all likelihood, she has never met anyone who questioned her before. It is time she did. Verbal refutation is the key to defeating her kind.

The crucial step in beating back the racist hordes is to citadel yourself and your own history. Upon being confronted with mumbo jumbo like hers, I immediately ask for evidence and testimony from those persons whom I have discriminated against or “kept down.”

When none is forthcoming I demand to know the names of those whom my father or mother steamrolled during their escape from poverty. That would make for interesting analysis, as my dad was the first person in his family to graduate from high school, the first to graduate from college, and the first to obtain a graduate degree. So how did his scholarship prevent Latinas from doing the same?

Legendary Ohio State coach Woody Hayes took a similar approach in response to those who attacked his heritage. On one occasion, when faced with a black activist who listed America’s sins, Hayes replied, “I was putting black kids through college before you were born!” End of argument.

I have mentioned this previously but before the First World War I did not have a single relative on this continent. My mother’s father was a second grade dropout and my father’s father never experienced a day of schooling in his life. The leftist PC critique of Caucasians assumes that we are all the scions of the Rockefellers and the Carnegies, but this assumption — like nearly all the ones they make — is a complete fabrication.

My message to readers is simple: do not let others lie about you. If all white men followed this advice, we would not face the obstacles we do in contemporary America.

An example from a former coworker illustrates well the power that riposte has. A woman I used to work with constantly clamored about the fictitious “pay gap” between men and women. One day I had enough of her blather. I countered emotion with logic.

I first got her to admit in front of our peers that our then-employer was not sexist and did not discriminate on the basis of genitalia. This was an essential admission as I then pointed out that we both knew personally several women who worked part time and did so as a matter of personal choice.

They requested and maintained part-time status due to a desire to spend more hours at home raising their children. However, as a result, they could not possibly make as much in a year as did those males who toiled alongside them.

From there I went on to argue that we were both familiar with a handful of women that year who missed eight to ten weeks of work due to pregnancy. On aggregate, these two circumstances — part-time status and pregnancy leave — resulted in women at our institution having a lower rate of pay than did men.

Who was to blame? No one. There was no conspiracy to uncover. Significantly, I never once raised my voice or my arms in order to combat her assertions.

Well, I won’t offer up a fairy tale, as I never did convince my foe of anything or get her to acknowledge the truth behind my propositions. Yet several disinterested third parties overheard our discussion and came around to my way of thinking. A couple even noticed in the future how emotionally reactive our feminist peer had become in my presence.

The fact is that when men vow to defend themselves, their families, and their honor, we can change reality and our country. Let’s join together and show the world that one wise white man is very much the equal of one wise Latina.