MSNBC Chides 'White Conservatives' to 'Get Your House in Order,' 'Condemn White Supremacist Ideology'

Infamous MSNBC race hustler and non-American (in fact and in ideology) Mehdi Hasan is demanding “white conservatives” to condemn something called “white supremacist ideology.”

As I have exhaustively detailed elsewhere, “hate crimes” in the service of “white supremacy” — a combination of two amorphous, manufactured terms that synergistically exponentially multiply the absurdity of their use — are a statistical hallucination.

Put more creatively, as Vivek Ramaswamy recently pointed out on the campaign trail in Iowa, exactly what a “white supremacist” is is the arbitrary fever dream of progressives, akin to a children’s imagining of unicorns. They are mythical creatures as rare as a dragon — rarely spotted but deeply feared. I’ve never actually met a bona fide white supremacist, and neither apparently has Vivek or probably you.

“I’m sure the boogeyman white supremacists exist somewhere in America. I have just never met him. Never seen one. Never met one in my life, right? Maybe I will meet a — maybe I will meet a unicorn sooner. And maybe those exist, too,” Ramaswamy said. He also, separately, likened the ideology — not the person — of another prominent race hustler, Ayanna Pressley, to the Grand Wizard of the KKK. That really set the progressives off.

I’m wary of Ramaswamy for many reasons that I won’t get into here, but his Trump-like ability to trigger the Social Justice™ people into catatonic fits is truly top-tier. He is obviously very intelligent and adept at rhetoric.

I watch MSNBC so you don’t have to. Literally every third or fourth video terrorizes the viewer with the “white nationalist” boogeyman. Most such segments have absolutely no factual basis whatsoever and are merely a repetition of word-salad talking points read by whatever diverse news actor they have on hand. (Of the other 75% of videos, 90% of those are about Trump, who has no greater fan than NBC executives, because the network’s ratings would be absolute dog s**t without him. Often, the segments are a combination of “white supremacy” and Trump coverage.)

As many others have pointed out, the demand for “white supremacy” far outstrips supply. So when these organizations are gifted with a one-in-a-million actual case of violence apparently perpetrated by a white assailant against a minority on a racial basis, as allegedly happened recently in Jacksonville, they run hog-wild with it.

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Of course, even when the victims of race hate are the right color (non-white), the corporate state media will ignore the story if the perpetrators are the wrong color (non-white). There is a very limited set of circumstances of race-related crimes they are willing to broach.

Even using the official DOJ statistics on “hate crimes” — which, given the clear agenda afoot, are possibly skewed — blacks commit a disproportionate amount of “hate crimes” (21%) relative to their share of the U.S. population (14%).

Via DOJ 2020 Hate Crime Statistics (emphasis added):

Of the 6,780 known offenders, 55.1% were white, and 21.2% were Black or African American. Other races accounted for the remaining known offenders: 1.1% were Asian, 1% were American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.5% were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and 5.4% were of a group of multiple races.

But given the Social Justice™ mantra that non-whites cannot be racist, apparently “hate crimes” only count when whites commit them.

Via “diversity and inclusion expertSimone Samuels (emphasis added):

Black people can be prejudiced. Black people can be discriminatory. Black people can be mean. Black people can be cruel. Black people can be ignorant. Black people can be stupid. But Black people cannot be racist.



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