WATCH: British Police Assault, Arrest Teenage Autistic Girl for 'Homophobic' Remarks

Image via TikTok

A 16-year-old autistic girl in the UK had begun behaving oddly. Her sister called the police for help, at which time she was escorted home.

So far, so good. An autistic girl is acting a bit erratic, as often happens, so the authorities are called for help.


This is when things take a left turn, via Reduxx (emphasis added):

As [the mother] brought her daughter in, the girl made a would-be innocent remark about the female officer who had been amongst the West Yorkshire police escorting her.

She said ‘I think she’s a lesbian like nanna Julie,’” [the mother] recounts, noting that the female officer had short blonde hair. “I just felt a jolt on my back… the officer had launcher herself in my home at me and Amanda. She was grabbing her.”

Snow says her daughter scampered into a cupboard under the stairs and began crying and apologizing, unsure of what was going on. Amanda also began self-harming out of stress.

“She was crying and saying sorry to the police woman. That’s when I grabbed my phone and started recording.”

Footage from the incident, which has reportedly been removed twice from TikTok for unspecified reasons (I’m going to go out on a limb and say “hate speech” or some other Social Justice™ hallucination):

“She’s got autism, can you just stand there please? She’s in a cupboard, she can’t go anywhere. You’re going to remove her for what? Because she said the word lesbian? Her nana is a lesbian, she’s married to a woman. She’s not homophobic!” the mother can be heard pleading with the numerous officers on scene to no avail.


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Anyone who knows anything about autism — which apparently this butch police officer does not, or else doesn’t care because her LGBTQ+++™ feelings were hurt and she has learned from society that she is entitled to uninhibited redress of her Social Justice™ grievances immediately — knows that people on the autism spectrum have a tendency to be quite literal. This girl, if the above account from the mother is correct (the video starts after the alleged “homophobic” comment), was simply remarking that she noticed a similarity in appearance and probably demeanor between the apparent lesbian cop and her “nanna” — not quite what I would call rising to the level of “hate crime.”

The autistic teenager was subsequently brutally hauled off to jail for reportedly 20 hours, after which she was released with no charges filed.


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