Trump Prosecutor Jack Smith Drives News Actress Wild on Air

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Sensuality and politics always make for a thorny combination. If one ever finds himself or herself mixing the two, it might be time for some psychological self-examination.


You might recall, from a simpler time, when MSNBC host Chris Matthews got that infamous “thrill up his leg” live on TV while watching Barack Obama mass-seduce liberal women nationwide.

(Chris Matthews apparently is very touchy about his on-air Obama smut when asked about it. Wait until the end for the murderous stare of a thousand midnights as it slips through the plastic smile.)

The left loves a good puppet to fall in love with — the savior riding into town on his white horse to save the day from the deplorables or whatever.

These people did the same fetishization routine with Michael Avenatti, the “creepy porn lawyer,” as Tucker Carlson once called him, who was unanimously drafted as the foil to the orange fascist in the early days of the Trump administration. The whole project fell apart, sadly, when Avenatti went to prison for a $25 million extortion scheme and for stealing from his clients.

And again with Robert Mueller, once championed as the man to finally bring Trump down. That, along with the Russiagate collusion conspiracy theory, also fell apart.

Now they’re back at it, this time with Jack Smith, Trump’s current prosecutor on the Jan 6 stuff. Check out this wild CBS news panel segment, delivered by the sultry news actress in a nearly breathless whisper. “Jack Smith is someone who has run in… over a hundred triathlons,” she begins.


“A hundred triathlons!”

“He was reportedly at one point hit while he was on his bike by a truck. And ten weeks later, he ran another triathlon,” she continues in hushed tones. “This is a man of a lot of grit and a lot of determination.”

The superhero we need.

What’s honestly very, very sad — tragic, one might even say — is that there is almost surely a menopausal NPC liberal in Brooklyn or Berkeley or wherever fully captivated by the nearly overt sexualization of a career federal prosecutor to the point of developing a one-way, television-mediated relationship with Jack Smith like he’s a character in a tawdry novel, much in the same way that the CBS news actress has.

Honestly, these people would’ve fallen in love with Chris Christie if he brought charges against the bad orange man, so Jack Smith shouldn’t feel so grand about his newly conferred star power.


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