Progressive Online Media Very Worried About European 'Far Right,' Yet Doesn't Care to Understand It

(Jussi Nukari/Lehtikuva via AP)

(The initial headline I was working with was “… doesn’t understand it.” But, upon reflection, I changed it because, in fact, the liberal ruling class and media does understand it at the elite level; they just don’t care because they pursue their own interests not aligned with the populations’ whom they govern. Hence the new title: “… doesn’t care to understand it.”)


The Majority Report — which bills itself as an ultra-progressive dissident media outlet but in fact merely repackages MSNBC-style Democrat Party talking points for a millennial/zoomer audience — recently brought on a PhD candidate from the University of Toronto to handwring about the threat of something called the “far right.”

The current consternation on the Social Justice™ left over Finland’s internal politics is largely due to the incoming “far right” coalitional ruling bloc, which has promised to curb immigration.

Via Reuters:

Finland’s incoming coalition government said on Friday it had agreed to cut refugee quotas, raise the bar for work-based immigration and make it more difficult for foreigners to obtain citizenship, key priorities for the nationalist Finns Party.

“In recent years Finland has been the only Nordic country with a more lenient immigration policy. This changes now,” Finns Party leader Rikka Purra told a news conference, calling the new policy a paradigm change.

The Guardian has described the new coalition as the “most rightwing government ever” in Finland.

Maybe if the left is so troubled by the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment among the Finnish population, they should stop cheerleading the import of hordes of Third World migrants. That would seem to be the “root cause” that the Karamel-uh entity is always on about.


The chart below tracks the exponential increase of allophones — non-native speakers of the local language(s) — in Finland from 1980 to 2011.

Source: Statistics Finland

The idea that the Finnish population, which is adjacent geographically and culturally to Scandinavia, would spontaneously become Nazified overnight, apropos of nothing in the political and cultural environment, is ridiculous. This is obviously a simmering resentment about their beautiful country being turned into Somalia by unelected transnational forces.

As the capstone project for my masters in international affairs postgraduate program at the University of North Georgia, I examined the rise of the so-called “far right” (a term I only use because it is omnipresent in academic literature) in European states from 1990-2020. What I found, unsurprisingly, was that the “far right’s” electoral success in this region of the world was generated principally by popular backlash to globalization-driven inequality, perceived loss of national/cultural/ethnic identity, and, perhaps most importantly, mass immigration from the Third World.

Via “Did Globalization Drive Far-Right Electoral Success in European States From 1990-2020?” (emphasis added)

Regarding opposition to transnational immigration, the overwhelming majority of respondents to public polling… indicate their skepticism of the assimilability of migrants and the perceived negative effects that immigration has on the native culture, particularly of immigrants from non-European, non-white, non-Christian countries. As it relates to a perceived loss of national/cultural/ethnic identity, it was found that…”far-right” political parties have appealed to nativist political sentiments, frequently explicitly in official platforms and other party and government documents, by framing the debate over transnational immigration in terms of civilizational conflict, highlighting perceived deleterious or dilutive effects of immigration and foreign cultural and political influences on the native culture. Public polling of “far-right” voters indicates that a desire to protect the native culture is a major driver of their ideological disposition.




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