Dying Vice Launches 'Queer Sports' Series, Hastens Its Demise

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Dying Social Justice™ outlet Vice, apparently pathologically incapable of reform, is hastening its self-destruction by introducing a cringe segment called “Queer Sports.”


The panel for this episode included a frumpy, non-binary Huffington Post columnist called Lyndsey D’Arcangelo (they/them). By visual clues alone, not to mention her own admission, this person doesn’t play sports — but whatever because none of this is about sports anyway; it’s just a vehicle to inject more LGBTQ+++™ propaganda into popular culture by hijacking sports.

The non-binary non-athlete’s main gripe is that “pride” events hosted by nearly every major professional sports franchise are too “performative,” which is ironic given that performative Tolerance™ and Diversity™ are the entire demand.

“Are pride nights, important, Lyndsey?” the moderator prompts — as if that’s an open question subject to legitimate debate.

“I think they’re important, but I also think it’s gotten very performative,” Lyndsey replies, with an upward inflection that suggests she’s asking a question and not answering one. “Very like, ‘this is what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to do it in June and like, then, we’ll kind of forget about it.”


If people like Lyndsey had their druthers, every minute of every hour of every day would be a nonstop orgasmic celebration of “pride.”

This criticism of corporations bending over backward to cater to gender-obsessed ideologues at the expense of the vast majority of their customer bases who haven’t totally surrendered themselves to the Social Justice™ hive mind as “performative” is quite common within the so-called LGBTQ+++™ “community,” which is a euphemism for the insular cult of self-appointed representatives of a made-up demographic.

Via Hollywood Insider:

Before getting into why companies need to act instead of being all talk, I want to remind people to support LGBTQ+ creators during pride month whether it’s supporting someone’s small business or uplifting your favorite content creator. It’s become a meme of people preparing themselves for brands to change their icon pic to the pride flag and getting ready to sell their pride theme merchandise. Most people point this out because when it comes to past merchandise it’s just laughable about how bad it is but it’s slowly getting better. However, on a serious note, most companies only do this to make a profit while actively harming the LGBT community.


Of course, they never get around to specifying what these corporations allegedly do to specifically harm the LGBTQ+++™ “community” outside of not issuing regular press releases explicitly endorsing child genital mutilation under the guise of “transgender healthcare.” But even if they did that, it wouldn’t satisfy them.

It goes to show that catering to their demands in the first place is a sure ticket to more demands. That’s what happens when you negotiate with terrorists. It’s impossible to placate them, and submitting only ensures progressively more extreme demands — not to mention bankruptcy.


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