WATCH: MSNBC News Actors Celebrate Government-Media 'Collaborative Partnership'

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Former White House press secretary/current slay queen Jen Psaki, who was rewarded for her service to the regime with a multi-million-dollar MSNBC contract, recently sat for an interview with Symone Sanders,  Bernie Sanders’ former press secretary , also now of MSNBC, for an illuminating, if unintentional, exposé on the incestuous merger of corporate media and government power.


Sanders tees her business partner up with the question: “What was your best day with the White House Correspondents Association?”

“The majority of the time, they were really incredible partners … When we were navigating COVID even though that was some of the hardest times, it was also some of the most collaborative,” Psaki answers.

“[During COVID], we had to navigate through a very difficult time in history, a time when we wanted to… show value and respect for the media… but also do it in a way that was keeping people safe,” Psaki continued.

Of course, I don’t recall the Constitutional clause that leaves it up to the government to strike the balance between a free press and “safety” (whatever that means).

In a sane world, White House press secretaries, who amount to paid propagandists for arguably the most powerful office in the world, would never have a “good” day working with the White House Correspondents’ Association because they ostensibly represent two different sets of interests — the government and the people, respectively — and are therefore theoretically adversarial.


The White House and the press in a free society would never be described as “partners” or their working relationship as “collaborative.”

Juxtapose the clip above — two former press secretaries for leading Democrat politicians celebrating their successful collusion with the corporate media where they now both work — with the lib meltdown over CNN merely hosting a town hall with the leading GOP candidate, Donald Trump.

Somewhere along the Russiagate/#Resistance way, it became taboo somehow for the media to even allow Trump onto the airwaves because that would be “platforming” a “literal Nazi” or whatever.

Mind you, these are the people who relentlessly henpeck the public about how they need to defend Democracy™ from the fascist boogeymen who are coming to snatch it away.

The question the White House Correspondents’ Association never asked Psaki at the podium: “But what if you are the fascist boogeyman you’re always prattling on about, Jen?”

What a plot twist! Irony is the engine that drives our lives in the modern age, after all.

Aside from being anti-American, the liberal hacks who decry Trump’s “platforming” on CNN apparently believe that if they can just keep Trump off of legacy media, he will simply disintegrate into nothingness like the Wizard of Oz witch when she got doused with water.


They dramatically overestimate their own rapidly diminishing significance.

If anything, Trump getting a primetime slot on CNN will decrease his popular support as the network is widely regarded, especially among his base, as their enemy.



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