John McCain's Widow: 'We All Knew What Epstein Was Doing'

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Somehow, even though I am an avid consumer of news related to now-deceased elite child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, this story from 2020 slipped past me.

For whatever reason (speculation abounds), this didn’t make national news. Consider the implications, though — an undefined “everyone” in Washington, D.C., was aware of Epstein’s activities all along, yet no one ever went public with that knowledge.


Via Washington Examiner, January 24, 2020:

Cindy McCain, the widow of late Sen. John McCain, blasted authorities who were “afraid” to arrest convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein even though everyone “knew” what he was doing.

“Epstein was hiding in plain sight,” said Cindy McCain. “We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no one that was — no legal aspect that would go after him. They were afraid of him. For whatever reason, they were afraid of him.”

McCain’s comments came after she was questioned by an attendee during her appearance at the State of the World 2020 conference in Florida.

McCain said a girl from her daughter’s high school was one of Epstein’s victims and that she hopes Epstein “is in hell.”

Her bombshell comments came approximately five months after Epstein’s mysterious “suicide” on August 10, 2019, despite much fanfare regarding his arrest and calls to protect him at all costs while in custody so as to extract more information about his activities and his collaborators.


The cameras magically malfunctioned at the time of Epstein’s “suicide,” and several professional medical examiners claimed that his injuries were inconsistent with hanging and more consistent with strangulation. The cause of his death has never been officially reopened for investigation.

So-called philanthropist Cindy Lou McCain is still alive and well, living in the lap of luxury as the widow of much-celebrated D.C. career politician John McCain. How is it possible that she has never been called to a single Congressional hearing, much less subjected to interrogation as a potential witness in a criminal investigation, to account for her public statement that “everybody knew what Epstein was doing?” Who is “everybody?” How many of these people are currently serving in government?

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Does “everybody” include fellow “philanthropist” Bill Gates, who met with Epstein multiple times — even after his 2008 criminal conviction on charges related to his notorious pedophilia?


Does it include Bill Clinton, who invited Epstein to the White House while serving as president no fewer than 17 times?

How are these people allowed to flaunt their apparent tacit endorsement, if not outright collusion, with the most prolific high-profile child sex trafficker in modern history?

How can the corporate media condemn “conspiracy theorists” who suspect Washington, D.C., is run by child sex traffickers, in the face of such open miscarriages of justice?



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