German Health Minister: COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause ‘Permanent Disabilities', CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Via Italy 24 News:

“What do you say to those who have been affected [da lesioni da vaccino]?” Sievers asked Lauterbach, the German health minister, during an interview in ZDF’s “Heute Journal” on March 12

“What happened to these people is absolutely staggering, and any single case is one too many,” Lauterbach replied. “I honestly feel so sorry for these people. There are serious disabilities and some of them will be permanent.”

“It is true that under these EU contracts, the companies have been largely exempted from liability and that the liability, therefore, falls on the German state,” Lauterbach said.

However, despite this, the health minister noted that it would “definitely” be a good idea if biopharma companies “showed a willingness to help” people affected by vaccine adverse events, especially because of their “exorbitant” profits.


Fortunately, the (semi)-free internet still exists, so we have access to 2021 tweets when Lauterbach was singing a very different tune, one much friendlier, not coincidentally, to Pfizer and Moderna’s interests. In one such tweet, Lauterbach declared that the experimental mRNA shots were “vaccination without side effects.”

As we now know, they were not “vaccines” in any conventional sense of the word (mainstream dictionaries, as well as the CDC, in unison, quietly changed their respective definitions of “vaccines” overnight to make the mRNA shots fit the definition), nor are they “without side effects.”

According to Epoch Times‘ reporting, when Lauterbach was questioned on his inconsistent rhetoric, he “responded that the tweet was ‘misguided’ and an ‘exaggeration’ he made at the time, noting that it “did not represent my true position.”

Asked about the growing list of victims of the COVID-19 shots — many of whom were likely induced to get injected due to a combination of economic and social pressures as well as the assurances of Public Helth™ authority figures such as Lauterbach that they were safe and effective, this was the reply:

“What’s happened to these people is absolutely dismaying, and every single case is one too many,” Lauterbach responded. “I honestly feel very sorry for these people. There are severe disabilities, and some of them will be permanent.”


Lauterbach is partially responsible for these severe disabilities due to his reckless endorsement of the shots, yet he somehow retains his official position of public trust.

Lawsuits have already been filed in Germany against BioNTech, and hopefully many, many more will follow until the manufacturers of these fraudulently approved therapies are bankrupted into oblivion.

In the meantime, Lauterbach and all of his colleagues who lied to the public, whether out of malice or lack of due diligence, should be similarly targeted in legal proceedings. Imprisonment should not be off the table.


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