Is This the Cringiest Twitter Profile in History?

Twitter 1.0. Will Twitter 2.0 be an improvement? (Creative Commons.)

Meet Briana Mills, licensed marriage and family therapist — the, perhaps, most cringe-worthy Twitter profile that the Social Justice™ machine could produce.


Briana is affected by an impressive litany of afflictions, which she broadcasts proudly on her profile page:

Image via Twitter

This behavior is probably the result of untreated trauma.

I’ve been following her for a while. She’s also a member of the notorious “Zero COVID” cult. So she’ll frequently make a virtue-signaling post to attract attention from her Zero COVID comrades, then take the moment to insert a plug for her therapy services.

I don’t want to mock this woman. If these medical conditions are are real and debilitating, she has my true sympathy. I don’t hate her and I don’t wish anything by the best for her.

But this ain’t it.

This is not the best.

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The Social Justice™ propagandists in the universities and the corporate media and the federal government are not doing their best to prepare people like Briana to thrive in the world.

They birth permanently miserable victims whose self-identities are based first and foremost on their victimhood — and they full-throatedly embrace them because they believe it garners them social prestige.

But normal people don’t identify — above everything else they could possibly identify as — as, principally, their various conditions that make them victims. Notice that she doesn’t mention in her Twitter bio that she’s a daughter, or a sister, or a healer, or an art lover. Instead, she crams as many marginalized identities as possible given the text constraints.


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