Third Term: Karine Jean-Pierre Refers to 'President Obama' Currently Running White House

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

At the White House, admitted diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre, ultra-diverse idol of the Cultural Revolution, let the mask slip for a moment when she referred to the current president as “President Obama”:


“Today, as you all saw just an hour or so ago, President Obama announced that… I’m sorry, President Biden,” she said.

KJP, known as she is by her three initials in the vein of other feminist icons before her such as RBG, is infamously ditzy and often struggles to read her notecards. So it could be that she just had the kind of airy moment that she has hundreds of times at every press briefing and got it wrong.

Or it could reflect what everyone who pays attention knows, whether they admit it consciously or (in the case of the liberal class) not: President Brandon is not in charge of anything, not even his own schedule. Something or someone is and, absent satisfying answers, the public is left to speculate if it might not be Mr. Barry himself, back for round three.

He certainly always kept Joseph on a tight leash.

And he certainly still lights up a crowd. It seems they know where the true seat of power lies.


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