Transes Wear Mental Illnesses Like Fashion Accessories

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

At some point in the last three or four years, self-identity as a cisgender homosexual was no longer sufficiently subversive of the White Patriarchy™ or whatever, and so all the cool kids went the extra mile and transed themselves to stay trendy.


Much in the same way, now regular transgenderism is not special enough anymore. It’s got to be overlaid onto an untreated mental health diagnosis — which they call “neurodivergence” — for maximum sex appeal.

“Might see if I have ADHD or some form of Autism,” confides the “trans lesbian.”

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The transes seem to engage in an informal competition to be the most mentally fragile and permanently miserable, consumed with angst from the slightest non-problems imaginable.

Take, for instance, this woman, who is on the verge of tears at the prospect of having to tick a box on a form to notate biological sex which doesn’t include a section for non-binaries. “It’s sad,” she says. “I feel heavy with that knowledge.”


The more mentally unstable one becomes, the more authentically transgender.

What has become of us? Maybe we should just cut the foreplay with Russia and start exchanging nukes. It’s probably God’s judgment. Out of the ashes might be birthed something new, beautiful, and true — untainted by postmodernism or, really, any ism.



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