The Rhetorical 'Double-Bind': How LGBTQ+++© Activists Rig the Discourse

(Legacy Recordings via AP)

“Double bind” is defined as:

A psychological predicament in which a person receives from a single source conflicting messages that allow no appropriate response to be made.


Among the many ways the LGBTQ+++© “community” is supposedly “marginalized” are the well-documented mental health disparities.

Via American Psychiatric Association:

The DSM-5-TR defines gender dysphoria in adolescents and adults as a marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and their assigned gender*, lasting at least 6 months… In order to meet criteria for the diagnosis, the condition must also be associated with clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

(*”Assigned gender” is a euphemism for “sex at birth,” referencing the biological reality of XX and XY chromosomes and corresponding sex organs that the doctor uses to observe, not “assign,” the baby’s sex.)

The APA recommends “medical affirmation” as the remedy for “gender dysphoria” — “medical affirmation” being another euphemism for surgery and irreversible puberty-blocking hormones normally reserved as punishment for convicted sex offenders:

Medical affirmation may include pubertal suppression for adolescents with gender dysphoria and gender-affirming hormones like estrogen and testosterone for older adolescents and adults. Some adults (and less often adolescents) may undergo various aspects of surgical affirmation.

Obviously, cutting off a girl’s breasts or a little boy’s testicles is therapeutic. It’s liberal and loving.


Entrepreneurial doctors, with license from the APA, other medical associations, and regulatory authorities, are going hog wild on the kids’ reproductive organs.

New York Times, Sep. 2022

(“Top surgery” being yet another euphemism for “breast removal.”)

So, from the medical industry’s perspective — comprised of the “experts” we’re bullied into reflexively venerating — transgenderism is definitively a mental health condition.

Or, to parse words, which they love to do, transgenderism exclusively causes mental health conditions like “gender dysphoria.”

Via Cleveland Clinic:

Being transgender is not a mental illness. But people who are transgender face unique challenges, such as gender dysphoria and discrimination, which can affect their mental health.

So, transgenderism isn’t a mental illness per se, which is technically true. But transgenderism is the only cause of gender dysphoria. Non-transgenders don’t experience gender dysphoria. Cleveland Clinic thinks that, by its tactical wordplay, it can obscure this fact.

But the sage guidance of the APA and Cleveland Clinic notwithstanding, everyone anyway intuitively understands that feeling like their mind and their body are incongruous would be distressing.

Activists lament the “transgender mental health crisis” and demand more funding to “affirm” patients with confused gender identities. And the biomedical state via the federal government is more than happy to provide it.


Of course, rather than looking inward at the psychological issues that might logically result from someone literally believing that they were born in some kind of alien body, social justice people point the blame outwardly at society for not “affirming” transgender identity.

The biomedical state, which elsewhere acknowledges that gender dysphoria causes “clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning” — blames transgender suicide on everything but the most obvious reason:

Suicide risk factors include discrimination, family rejection, internalized transphobia, and being denied appropriate bathroom or housing access.

Health Partners asserts that “microaggressions” like using the wrong pronouns and bathroom controversies make transgender children kill themselves.

You see, transgenders’ severe mental health issues aren’t the product of literally believing they are in some alien body — it’s actually the handiwork of transphobes!

How curious then, that activists simultaneously lament the awful state of transgenders’ mental health writ large and want to “normalize” it through corporate media indoctrination.

Washington Post, August 2022

This is an admittedly old-fashioned notion, but “normalizing” a condition that causes 84% of children experiencing it to consider killing themselves seems like the polar opposite of progress.


In other contexts, social engineers insist (when it’s convenient) that any special considerations, like their sky-high suicide rate, are irrelevant because a trans woman is just a woman!

Via Stonewall:

Trans women have every right to have their identity and experiences respected too. They are women — just like you and me — and their sense of their gender is as engrained in their identity as yours or mine. (emphasis added)

But if a trans woman is a woman, why put the prefix trans in front of woman? If they’re one and the same, why bar cisgender from playing transgender roles in film because “casting cis people in the roles of trans people is so harmful“?

Because they want to have their cake and eat it too; transgenders demand simultaneously that a.) society acknowledge their status as full women, indistinguishable from actual women and b.) society celebrate their special uniqueness.

Schizophrenically, while reserving trans roles for trans actors is the stated objective because “representation matters,” it is also “typecasting” to cast trans actors in trans roles because they’re not a monolith.

They’re all unique (and stunning and brave) individuals, but they’re also all members of a highly protected social class that deserves privilege based on gender identity.

You can’t win, by design, no matter how hard you strain your patience to accommodate them. In the end, even the most devoted ally can be accused of transphobia when it becomes convenient.



Transgenderism, depending on the particular goal at any given time, both is and isn’t a serious mental disorder. It both is and isn’t a “normal” experience. Transgenders are both exceptional and just like everyone else.

Everything is true all at the same time until it isn’t.

The social justice left does not believe in integrity or consistency or, in fact, logic at all. It does not persuade; it bludgeons. It does not discuss; it harangues.

The deck is stacked from the start because they assume the role of oppressed victim (with you as their oppressor) and leverage their assumed moral authority to shut down dissent without ever actually having to present an argument that makes any sense. Nothing means anything; there are only oppressors and the oppressed.

So the ultimately, perennially oppressed transgenders, who in reality are coddled more than any other demographic in the West, win automatically.


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