Croissant Thief on the Loose in Paris

In 1939 as England entered what would become a bloody and courageous six-year war against Hitler’s Germany, a patriotic song became an instant best-seller, There’ll Always Be an England:



As this morning’s Telegraph reminds us, despite the single-currency concept of the European Union, there’ll always be a France.  There, police in the capital city of Paris have been flummoxed by a wily thief who shuns more costly French temptations such as Champagne, Louis Vuitton luggage and the treasured white truffles of the holiday season.

No, this faux-armed bandit has but one weakness and it’s for the buttery confections also popular here in the States: the luscious croissant:

 Since December 9, the man has robbed five bakeries in the western suburbs of the French capital, police said, each time using the same modus operandi.

After placing an order, the man holds up what appears to be a fake revolver, points it at the person behind the cash register and takes his pastries without paying.

No one has been injured in the robberies and in each case the value of the goods stolen has been low, at between eight and 20 euros (£7 and £17).  [$9.15 and $22.22]


Why, at this rate, by July 14, the French National holiday, the thief could have moved from the entry pastry of croissants to the hard stuff, such as tartes de cerises or even gâteau aux pommes.  Time for the return of Inspecteur Clouseau, n’est-ce pas? 

All of Paris awaits the capture of the croissant-thieving miscreant. Updates will follow as PJM’s correspondents in France stay on top of the latest developments.

I predict a tell-tale line of crumbs will lead to an early arrest.  Moses Wine, where are you when we need you?


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