Grotesque Trans Shop Teacher Is the Most Misogynistic Thing I’ve Ever Seen

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As an actual woman, I can generally be found in a state of constant rage and offense at the countless emotionally incontinent men who choose to LARP as women. How dare they grow their hair, get a set of falsies, and pretend they can even begin to understand what it’s like to live in a woman’s body? The mortification of female puberty, the discomfort sparked by a lascivious male gaze, the inconvenience of various biological processes, pregnancy scares and joys — none of this can be assumed or replicated. How dare these men presume to understand — to be — female?


Women are seething at the unfairness and intrusiveness of the unfathomable institutionalization of the trans craze. Girls shouldn’t be forced to see adult men’s junk in restrooms and locker rooms. Athletes shouldn’t be shut out of victory. Models and actresses shouldn’t be passed over so novelty humans can get the part. But the grotesque Canadian shop teacher is the last straw. In case you haven’t yet heard of this mutant, here’s the Libs of TikTok video that put him on the map:

Got a good eyeful? Apparently, this is what a woman is: An enormous, comical, hyper-sexualized set of boobs. In a tight shirt that exaggerates their already ludicrous size. And not only that, in a state of arousal. Check out the perky points in these pics:

As a genuine woman who actually experienced awkward adolescence and maturity in a real woman’s body, I can tell you that having your high beams on in your work setting is about as welcome as a 14-year-old boy’s pup tent when it’s his turn to write on the board. This teacher’s choice of aroused prosthetic boobs for his shop class is about as appropriate as a teacher stuffing a pair of spandex pants with a cucumber before standing in front of a classroom full of teenage girls. Hard to draw any other conclusion except that he’s fantasizing about turning on his minor male students. If I had a kid in that lunatic’s misogynistic clown show of a class, that school would be hit with sexual harassment and corruption-of-a-minor lawsuits faster than you can pop a balloon.


We real women have long been appalled at the grotesque parodies of us that the drag queen craze has shoved in our (and children’s) faces.

Trust me, any real woman who is cursed with chesticles that onerous would have them surgically reduced — which insurance generally covers, because gigantomastia is an actual medical condition that causes many kinds of harm. It’s not a joke or a costume. But how would someone who only thinks of women as a set of secondary sexual characteristics understand that?

Remember the anti-dress-up campaign that called out insensitive Halloween costumes for spoofing ethnicities and cultures?


As much as we all hate a killjoy, in some cases, these students had a point. In the same vein, it’s no longer acceptable to wear blackface. Why not? Because it’s a dehumanizing parody of a human being’s immutable physical characteristics.

But somehow, it’s okay to reduce women to nothing more than a set of enormous boobs?

(Disclaimer: The IT Crowd is an absolutely hilarious show, and that clip is from the funniest episode ever. I don’t want everyone to think I’m some uptight third-wave feminist with no sense of humor, just because I’m writing this column.)


Real women are fed up with being reduced to a dress-up option on the Left’s loony spectrum of identities. It’s bigoted, it’s misogynistic, it’s offensive, and it needs to stop.



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