As the Southern Border Erupts Into Chaos, Biden Heads Off to Vacation. Again.

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There are so many ongoing debacles facing the Biden administration that it’s often hard to keep track.

While our primary focus should remain on Americans left behind for more than a month in a dangerous nation, we forget that the Southern border fiasco is worsening, as the president enjoys another long weekend at the beach.


While the legacy media obsess over parochial issues like profligate spending bills and other nonsense, national security dereliction affects ordinary folks who are fed up.

From 2015-18, I was in the South Texas towns of Del Rio and Eagle Pass a half-dozen times working with Class 1 railroads. I spent hours at rail yards right by the border and stayed in area hotels. I always found the communities safe and welcoming, not dangerous like Chicago or even El Paso.

In recent days, thousands of Haitian immigrants have crossed the Rio Grande River from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, into Del Rio. While most media outlets ignore or downplay the crisis, Fox News has provided award-winning coverage of the fluid situation.


Haitian migrants are part of a larger movement of tens of thousands trying to enter the United States from several South American countries. They’ve apparently received the message that if you’re caught, you may get sent to America’s heartland without a court date.

The Biden administration halted deportations, weakened rules that governed Customs and Border Patrol’s (CBP) handling of illegal border crossings, and revoked former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy to appease the radicals. Chaos ensued.

In general, Democrats will not care about the international border because anything surrounding the topic is viewed through a racial lens. Yet the left’s policies are bigoted. Neglecting laws at the border is cruel because it expands opportunities for human smugglers to exploit vulnerable people financially and sexually. It also enables drug smugglers.

This wave of migration has pushed the number of illegal border crossings to a 20-year high. This is occurring, even as Homeland Security is trying to settle 60,000 Afghan evacuees in the U.S.


CBP is sending additional agents to Del Rio to help process the migrants, but most are likely to be released with a notice to appear in court at a future date.

“It’s not a self-inflicted crisis in mainstream progressive opinion, because they don’t believe in enforcing the border,” National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke said Friday. “Progressives don’t think our immigration laws should be on the books. They don’t think the people who violated laws should live with the consequences, and they don’t approve of government actions necessary to enforce those laws.”

As the insouciant Biden administration dawdles, Texas must spend billions on security because Washington elites will not. That’s criminal.


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