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David Limbaugh on Obama As The Great Destroyer

The Pentagon was deeply concerned. A proposed 4G broadband wireless network for commercial use would, according to Air Force Space Commander William Shelton, “effectively jam vital GPS receivers,” nullifying the effectiveness of billions of dollars of equipment essential to military operations.

But … the wireless initiative was the brainchild of LightSquared, whose top financial backers include billionaire investor Phil Falcone, a heavyweight Democratic party donor who’d contributed more that $60,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Falcone visited the Obama White House, and suddenly the wheels began to turn. Shelton, a four-star general, was pressured to change his congressional testimony to the effect that any interference with military operations could easily be mitigated. Though Gen. Shelton refused to budge, the FCC stepped in and granted LightSquared “a highly unusual waiver that allows the company to build out a 4G wireless network on the cheap.”

It is just one episode described in The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic. David Limbaugh’s latest tour de force documents countless others, too: The myriad ways — from such tectonic statutory shifts as Obamacare and Dodd Frank, through sweeping regulatory power-grabs, through contemptuous flouting of court orders and congressional subpoenas, through garden variety corruption — that the Obama administration is making good on its leader’s promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” As David compellingly explains, President Obama’s metaphorical “war” targets nothing less than the culture of liberty and self-determinism that define the American character — planted in our very soil long before the American Revolution and the adoption of the U.S. Constitution (a time when, Limbaugh recounts, Obama seems to think the continent was the domain of Mexicans, as the president told the Hispanic Caucus in a 2010 speech).

The Great Destroyer has just been released by Regnery, in time for a defining presidential election that must be a referendum on Obama governance. There is no finer accounting of that governance than what David has assembled, a mind-boggling indictment that unfolds with his singular skill: the lawyerly mastery of inescapable facts that speak starkly for themselves. The only thing that rivals it is Crimes Against Liberty, David’s 2010 analysis of the early Obama administration.

Limbaugh covers the entire field: from the administration’s unseemly attacks on its political opponents and intentional undermining of American traditions, to its assault on the foundations of liberty — the (increasingly less) free market, private property, and entrepreneurial spirit — which are to be supplanted by an economy planned by a professoriate that redistributes hundreds of billions to administration cronies under the guise of stimulus that fails to stimulate, and whose idea of “winning the future” is Solyndra.

The Great Destroyer also studies the degrading of our national security through Obama’s dalliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and internationalization of sovereign war powers. And there is a jaw-dropping chapter on the “Fast and Furious” scandal, in which the administration intentionally permitted thousands of weapons to be illegally transferred to violent Mexican drug cartels, fueled violence that has claimed the life of at least one American border-patrol agent, and characteristically stonewalled Congress’s attempt to investigate.

David Limbaugh’s The Great Destroyer methodically and thematically illustrates why America cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama as president — not if it is to remain America as we know it, not if it is to be a free, self-determining nation. If you want to understand what is at stake this November — and you need to — The Great Destroyer is your guide.