Ordered Liberty

It is the result of a conquest ideology taking the measure of a civilization that no longer values its heritage, no longer regards itself as worthy of defense.
Republican voters get yet another demonstration that electing Republicans yields Washington As Usual.
Suddenly, our culture condemns the collisions that were always a part of the game.
Here's the reason why our debate is about struggling to limit the Left’s antigun agenda rather than asserting our own gun rights.
He's not a Muslim, but he has sided with Islamists against our First Amendment. It's outrageous to rule any talk of the president's opinions on Islam to be out of bounds.
We hand out life sentences for aiding terror. The Iran deal is the largest aid package for terror in the history of the world.
Good job, Mr. President, Sen. Mikulski, congressional Democrats, and GOP leadership.
Our soldiers' sacrifices and accomplishments in the Mideast are further erased by Obama's mistakes.
Despite the fact that Kerry continues to tout it – as has Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – the fatwa is a hoax.
Partial-birth abortion only gets the convicted a max of two years in jail, because we have not yet been able to face what we've been allowing.
The preservation of marriage as understood for millennia does not inhibit love at all.