Ordered Liberty

When Hillary Clinton is considered a viable candidate, that's on the culture.
Hillary has committed serious felony violations of federal law. So naturally, the left is acting as if Trump committed "treason."
Ideology causes terrorism. Know the ideology.
This week, I testified before the House Judiciary Committee on impeaching the IRS commissioner.
After a quarter-century, we still don’t even know what we know.
Trump verbally attacked Judge Curiel not in court but at a political rally. The distinction is significant.
A properly working justice system has brought reality to two false narratives.
The sentencing "reform" push is a potential windfall for criminals built on false narratives.
How has everyone -- everyone -- missed what his plan actually says?
The truth is out. We finally have Hillary's phone transcripts from after Benghazi.
Obama's dictatorial grab on Iran and immigration is more important.