Ordered Liberty

Classic Clintonian spin.
The latest revelation describes willful criminality, not mere recklessness.
Khamenei's consistent message? Death to America. Obama's consistent message to Khamenei? “Hey, we can work it out.”
For centuries, jihadists practiced terror because of scripture. Obama thinks today's jihadists are different.
Business as usual.
Should private companies that provide users with encryption technology be required to assist law-enforcement and intelligence services to defeat that technology?
It is the result of a conquest ideology taking the measure of a civilization that no longer values its heritage, no longer regards itself as worthy of defense.
Republican voters get yet another demonstration that electing Republicans yields Washington As Usual.
Suddenly, our culture condemns the collisions that were always a part of the game.
Here's the reason why our debate is about struggling to limit the Left’s antigun agenda rather than asserting our own gun rights.
He's not a Muslim, but he has sided with Islamists against our First Amendment. It's outrageous to rule any talk of the president's opinions on Islam to be out of bounds.