Me at Lifezette: "We're The Rebels Now!"

Zachary Leeman has posted a genuinely interesting interview with me at Laura Ingraham’s Lifezette site. The subject is the culture and I’m (correctly) quoted as saying: “Why haven’t we made a conservative ‘Comedy Central’? Why haven’t we made a conservative entertainment channel?”


Some people have pushed back at that, tweeting and emailing me that we shouldn’t respond to the left’s politicization of culture with our own politicization of culture, but my point was actually capitalist not ideological. That is, I was wondering why conservatives are such poor capitalists that they haven’t capitalized on the fact that at least fifty percent of the market simply isn’t served by entertainment with a leftist agenda. When I look at the success of Fox News, I can’t help but wonder: if conservatism worked for news, why wouldn’t it work for entertainment? It’s great to gloat over the destruction of ESPN for its completely non-exaggerated and thoroughly offensive left wing bias. But wouldn’t it be even better for some conservative mogul to create an ESPN for the rest of us? A Hollywood for the rest of us?

Anyway, Leeman did a good job and the interview is worth reading. Here’s the rest.


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