Just Because Hillary's a Birther, That Doesn't Make Her Racist!

Okay, yes, Hillary Clinton's people started the birther movement, raising unfounded suspicions that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and not the U.S. Sure, Hillary's chief campaign strategist suggested in 2007 that Obama was "not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and his values,” and thought Hillary could emphasize that by making sure "every speech... contain the line that you were born in the middle of America." And all right, the former editor of McClatchy says Clinton's evil pet gnome Sidney Blumenthal urged him to investigate whether Obama was from Kenya.

But that in no way means Hillary Clinton is racist!

This is an old mainstream media trick. First, they accuse people of being racist if they do or say something that endangers their pet candidate, then they build that unproven assumption into their reporting as if it were an established fact. Thus, debate moderator Lester Holt felt free to ask Donald Trump (why Trump I'm not sure when Hillary was standing right there, but anyway...): "Mr. Trump, for five years you perpetuated a false claim that the nation's first black president was not a natural-born citizen." By mentioning Obama's blackness, Holt implied that Hillary's birther creation was inherently racist.

But is it? Or was Holt being unfair to Hillary?