The #NeverTrump Generation Gap

I have never declared myself #NeverTrump. My reasons are two-fold. One, in a binary race, a conservative's non-vote for Trump really is a vote for Hillary. This equation is brutal and ugly — especially when hurled at you by some ill-mannered lout on the #altright — but essentially correct for all that. That means it would be absolutely moral not to vote for Trump only if you believed Hillary and Trump were equally bad or that Trump was worse.

Second, I can't quite convince myself that Trump is worse. While I agree with every single insult the #NeverTrumpers heap on this bizarre and awful man, I'm not sure I can go along with P.J. O'Rourke who says of Hillary, "She's wrong about absolutely everything, but she's wrong within normal parameters." It seems to me that the "normalcy" of Hillary's wrongness is an illusion. It's the same illusion that allows someone to wear a t-shirt (or make a movie) featuring a flattering depiction of the brutal Communist murderer Che Guevara when they would never do the same with Nazi Heinrich Himmler. Che was a brutal murderer "within normal parameters" only because western culture has granted socialism a respectability it in no way deserves. Bad is bad and Hillary is really, really bad — corrupt, inept and mentally and morally unbalanced — and there's not one damn normal thing about her.

So for me this is a hard decision. And the thing about hard decisions is: they're hard. They do not allow for stridency. They are not conducive to smashing your fist into your palm and slinging names at people who disagree with you. They force you to respect the other good men and women who are wrestling with their consciences in a difficult moment.