Klavan On The Culture

Narrative Kills

The hearts of honest men and women are filled with anger today at the murder of two New York City police officers. The killer’s dead; his justice will be perfect. But we’re angry at the people who spread the lies that set the killer’s heart on fire. Al Sharpton, who can add yet another death-by-rhetoric to his resume; Mayor de Blasio, who abandoned the peace keepers of his own city; Barack Obama and Eric Holder and the editors of the New York Times and the Daily News, who all helped spread the narrative that the police target or oppress people of color.

That narrative is false; it’s a lie; it killed those officers. Our anger against the people who spread that murderous lie is justified; righteous.

The policing programs and policies that these people seek to undermine save black lives. The policies these people seek to put in place cost black lives. Those are facts, not narrative.

Do any of them spend even a cartridge of ink speaking out against the teacher’s unions that enslave black children to ignorance for their own gain? Do any of them waste a word speaking out against the sexual practices that lead to rampant illegitimacy in poor black neighborhoods and enslave their generations to poverty? Do any of them ever stand up for the huge majority of decent, law-abiding African Americans whom the police protect lest they be enslaved by the thugs and criminals in their midst?

Dependency. Helplessness. Victimhood. Division. That’s all these people sell. Every damn day. What did they think would happen?