Meh to the Sony Hack Attack!

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It’s hard not to enjoy the discomfiture of Hollywood leftists caught out in their silliness and hypocrisy. Film industry big wigs contributed so much money to getting this awful, awful president elected that when they’re discovered making racial jokes about him, it’s pretty delicious. Also, I really, really love it when white people apologize for their racist remarks to Al Sharpton as if he were the Official Representative of the Black Race! I live for belly laughs like that; I have to believe so much merriment is good for my health somehow. Seriously, it’s difficult to think of anything more racist than assuming that the dreadful Al Sharpton represents black people! The apology itself is such a slap in the face to black people that you should really apologize to Al Sharpton for apologizing to Al Sharpton!


However. All that said. The truth is, this is really much ado about nothing. As everyone now knows, Sony’s computers were hacked by persons or North Koreans unknown and — among other things — Sony Co-Chair Amy Pascal and powerful producer Scott Rudin were caught out dissing major stars and making jokes about which black-themed films Barack Obama would like. Pascal — who rose from secretary to exec — is now apologizing to Sharpton and anyone else she can find in an effort to keep her job.

Meh. I have to be honest: I hope she survives. I know, I know: if she were a conservative, she’d be crucified. It’s so true. But if I have to act like a leftist to defeat leftism, what’s the point? I’m sick of seeing people get fired for harmlessly mouthing off. She didn’t call Obama names; she didn’t say he couldn’t do his job because he was black; she didn’t say, “I hate Obama because his skin is brown.” She made a few harmless racial jokes. Privately. Which were stolen illegally. A quick, “Oops, that sounded more stupid than I realized; sorry,” and back to work. For her — and for everyone in a similar situation.

As for Rudin, he has a terrible reputation as a human being. He’s said to be one of those Hollywood monsters who browbeats underlings and is even reputed to have kicked an assistant out of a moving car. Harvey Weinstein — to whom Pascal also apologized — has a rep that’s not much different. I’ve known a couple of people who worked with Weinstein and his brutality transformed them into cringing toadies, afraid of their own shadows. Pitiful. So what’s the rule on guys like that? Abusive behavior is fine as long as it’s not public? It’s fine as long as your movies are hits? It’s fine until someone illegally hacks your emails and can read you’re as big a jerk as we already know you are? Ridiculous.


I think all the shock and horror is pompous and absurd. We all need to stop torturing each other over every little thing we say and get back to the important business of torturing jihadis to find out what they say.

Oh wait, did I say something wrong? Sorry, Al.


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