Klavan On The Culture

"Pastor Speaks Out on Houston Mayor"

A great piece from WND on the likewise great Jesse Lee Peterson:

If there’s one thing the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has learned after 25 years of battling in the trenches of the culture wars, it’s that the enemy never rests, never gives up, never falls down on the job.

Conservative Christians, Peterson says, don’t seem nearly as unified or committed. And that’s why they don’t win many battles…

If Christians had anywhere near the stamina to fight for good as the other side fights for evil, they would not be witnessing the historic transformation of American society that is taking place today, he says.

“Not only will Christians not fight against the liars, but they’ll fight against you for not backing down to the liars,” Peterson said. “If Christians were strong, there’s just no way evil would be winning. Because evil doesn’t give up. You have to destroy evil. You can’t play with evil. You can’t be nice to evil.”

As usual, Jesse is cowed by left wing opposition and pulls his punches…  okay, joking. Read the whole article here.