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Pre-Pub Praise for "MindWar"


A nice pre-publication review has come in from the trade journal Booklist for the first volume in my new YA trilogy, MindWar – which is officially published July 8:

“Edgar Award–winning Klavan’s well-orchestrated fantasy thriller features brisk but compelling character development, a touch of wry humor, Christian sensitivity that doesn’t proselytize, and an imaginative mix of gaming action with real-life stakes. With just the right cliff-hanger ending, this trilogy opener shows promise. “

On top of which, unlike so many reviewers, Francisca Goldsmith gives a concise and accurate description of the plot:

“After recent high-school grad Rick is so seriously injured in a car accident that he will likely never again be a football star, he’s consumed with so much bitterness, particularly about his absent father, that his life has spiraled into days and nights spent playing video games alone in his room and snapping at his adoring younger brother and caring mother. As he drifts ever closer to permanent, alienating self-centeredness, he’s kidnapped by a team of secret agents who find him through his prowess in his favorite video game… They offer him an opportunity to use his athletic prowess again, this time in a virtual environment, to combat a foreign threat. ”

You can pre-order the book here. And should!