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"The iPhone App That Could Change Horror Movies Forever!"

I liked this post by writer Rob Fee on Haunting Melissa, Neal Edelstein’s innovative horror movie app with a script by your humble correspondent. Why not download the app for the weekend? The app is free and there’s a lot of free content, then hours of original entertainment for the price of a mocha latte half-caf cappuccino espresso frappe…  only, like, scary.

It was after midnight and all the lights were off, so I popped in my headphones and started the first chapter. While normally I would be distracted by my phone or iPad, “Haunting Melissa” uses the distraction as the medium and creates an extremely personal experience using handheld camera shots and sound effects that are just downright creepy.

At one point there was what seemed to be an older woman singing in a dark, empty room. It seriously felt like she was right behind me. What’s cool is that everyone’s experience will be slightly different because the next bits of videos are sent to everyone in different intervals and at different times.

Read the whole thing here.

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