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My Response to the Comments on My 'Gay' Post

While I generally like to give commenters the last word (seems only fair, since I had the first word), it seems downright churlish not to say something in answer to the outpouring that followed my recent post, "How the Right Talks About Gays." So…  a few thoughts.

First of all, thank you for the contribution. A blog is in some sense a collaboration between writer and readers. While the ease of responding in the computer age sometimes skews the tone of comments toward the over-excitable, there are plenty of thoughtful people who really add to the conversation and I'm always glad to read what they have to say.

Many readers of the blog reacted to — and objected to — the sentence: "Either sex is an expression of love that involves the whole person (not just his body parts) or it is a purely mechanical operation." "This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen you write," wrote one reader — and he was a fan! I feel those who objected to this sentence mistook its meaning; I also feel this was my fault; I was unclear. I did not mean the sentence as the expression of a factual duality: either sex is this or that in actuality. I meant it as a response to Phil Robertson's comments on homosexuality — a sort of mental argument with Phil, if you will. Robertson talks about homosexuality as a sin, while describing it in purely physical terms. What I should have said is something more like: "If Robertson thinks homosexuality is a sin, then he should address its spiritual aspects. If he just doesn't like the physical nature of it, he's welcome to express his displeasure but he shouldn't pretend he's making a larger spiritual point." I used blogger shorthand and the meaning got blurred. My bad.

As to all the comments regarding gay marriage, religion, sin and so forth, I have nothing to say. I wasn't making an argument about any of that. I merely mentioned my libertarian sympathies by way of being honest about where I was coming from. All the same, you're always welcome to drop by and say what you have to say — although, unless you're the Father, Son or Holy Ghost, your opinions about whether or not I'm a good Christian will be regarded as less than authoritative.