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Messages from Three Conservatives: 1. Ann Coulter

I spent much of this past weekend in Florida at the Restoration Weekend hosted by David Horowitz’s Freedom Center. I had a chance to listen and talk to many of the bright lights of conservatism, young and old and in-between. Three of them in particular had messages I think worth passing on beyond the confines of the event:  Ann Coulter, Pat Caddell and Lee Habeeb. I’ll give each a brief post.

First, Ann.

A story by Russian writer Nikolai Gogol called The Overcoat was so influential that Dostoevsky remarked that all Russian writers who followed “come out of Gogol’s overcoat.” Similarly I always feel that all hot conservative commentator-babes come out of Ann’s mini-skirt (though perhaps that’s not the most elegant way to put it). For my money, she’s still one of the smartest and the best of our warrior women. In fact, much of what she says is so sensible and down-to-earth that her flash style — the savage wit, the uncompromising rhetoric, the glamourous looks — sometimes obscures the simple clarity of her thinking. No one is right a hundred percent of the time, but she’s always incisive, practical and incredibly well-informed. I’m looking forward to reading her new book Never Trust A Liberal Over 3 — Especially a Republican.

The core of Ann’s response to this painful juncture in American history — when our idiot leftist president is not just shooting himself in the foot but standing on our necks while he does it — may be paraphrased as:  If unity is the price of victory, pay it. The disaster of Obamacare — not the crappy website, but the law itself — is not going to go away by magic. We need to acquire enough votes to dismantle it and create something better. Therefore, it’s time to stop the tea party primaries against good-enough Republicans. Stop the feuds on principle that cost us practical victories. Acquire enough votes in the House and Senate to make the presidency redundant, and stop these useless leftist fools from doing us more harm. Every penny spent on internecine warfare is money taken away from defeating our destructive opposition.

If you don’t think she’s serious, Ann even said she would vote for John McCain if she had to. And whatever you think of McCain, she thinks it twice, unless it’s positive, in which case it never occurred to her.

More of her thinking in her own words can be found in this column.

Painful as this medicine is, I think she’s right: we’ve got to take it. This Titanic of an administration is going down. We are the lifeboats we’ve been waiting for. This is no time to punch holes in one another with self-defeating feuds, no matter how well-intentioned.