Klavan On The Culture

First Ever App Film Coming Soon, With Script By Me

I’m really excited about this. My buddy Neal Edelstein — now the overlord of his own company Hooked Digital Media — has created this brilliant new app to, in his words, “fill a void in today’s entertainment landscape by creating original filmed stories for viewing directly on mobile and tablet devices.” It’s cutting edge stuff — just the sort of thing I’ve been waiting for — and I’m really thrilled that his first film, the ghost story Haunting Melissahas a teleplay by yours truly. I also co-created the story along with Neal.

I’ve had to keep my mouth shut about this for a long time — and even now I’m not allowed to say much about it — but I’ll say more as we reach the release date. Meanwhile, you can pick up a little more information on some these horror movie sites, like Shock Till You Drop and JoBlo.