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"If We Survive" Nominated Best YA Thriller of the Year

My Young Adult thriller novel If We Survive has received a nice honor: a nomination from the International Thriller Writers for best Young Adult Novel of the year. The ITW is a great group and this is very cool indeed. The award ceremony is at ThrillerFest VIII at the Grand Hyatt in New York on July 13 – which also happens to be my birthday, so basically they have no choice but to give me the award! Or at least a cupcake.

If you haven’t read the book already, I give it my completely impartial recommendation! It’s about a California kid and three friends who travel to Central America on a charitable mission to rebuild a school. Just as they’re getting ready to leave, a revolution breaks out, and they’re caught behind enemy lines with a savage jungle on one side of them and, on the other, some very vicious Communist thugs looking for Americans to kill. FictionAddict.com said, “Andrew Klavan has created a brilliant edge of your seat thriller with this one… This was an adventure of nearly epic proportions.” Kirkus Reviews also praised it and added it has “lots of machine guns.”

So get it before you need a background check! Then read it. You will like it. Truly.