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Tragedy Strikes — And Leftists Shame Themselves

"Of that which we cannot speak," the philosopher told us, "we must pass over in silence."

As of this writing, twelve people are dead because of the theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado. One was a six-year-old child, Veronica. Three were young men who threw themselves over their girlfriends and saved their lives. There was an Air Force veteran. A devoted Dad. All of them were people who went out to enjoy the communal pleasure of a big movie opening, and should be at home right now, bragging about being the first on their block to see The Dark Knight Rises.

Of all the commentary that has followed this disaster, one remark by a public figure has struck me with its truth. The star of the film, Christian Bale, said in a statement, "Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them." Readers of this blog will know I don't usually turn to movie actors to find wisdom, but Bale got it exactly right. I don't understand. My heart goes out. Words cannot express. That is literally all one can rightly say.

And yet within minutes of the news first breaking, celebrated leftists, smelling in the blood of innocents some chance for political advantage, began to appropriate the corpses of their fellow citizens for soapboxes. ABC "newsman" Brian Ross slandered an innocent man in the hope of using the killings to perpetuate the media lie that the Tea Party movement is violent. Lefty politicians like Senator Frank Lautenberg and Mayor Michael Bloomberg began to beat the drum for anti-gun laws, despite the fact that Aurora already has stringent gun control. Brain-dead celebrities like Bill Maher and Cher found in the shattering grief of their neighbors a tremendous chance to insult America and Mitt Romney.

Does the ABC News team think a dead six year old is a prop for their disinformation campaign? Do Senator Lautenberg and Mayor Bloomberg think a community's trauma is nothing more than a political opportunity? Do Bill Maher and Cher think anything? Do they know anything even exists outside the wonderlands of their own narcissism?