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I Oppose Barack Obama Because He's Black

Sam Donaldson, who regularly treated President Ronald Reagan with disrespect, feels he knows exactly why Neil Munro of the right-leaning Daily Caller treated Barack Obama with disrespect. During the president’s recent announcement that he had decided to make up laws by himself from now on, effectively granting immunity to some illegal aliens with a wave of his almighty hand, Munro shouted out a question rather than waiting for the president to leave the podium without taking any questions.

Donaldson’s reaction in part:  “Many on the political right believe this president ought not to be there – they oppose him not for his polices and political view but for who he is, an African American!”

Well, the old hairpiece has a point. As far as I’m concerned there are only two plausible reasons to oppose President Obama: either because he’s clearly the worst president in American history, or because he’s black.

For me, it’s because he’s black.

Oh, I know, some of you are suspicious.  You think that secretly I dislike Obama because he’s increased the federal debt by nearly five trillion dollars and given us our highest deficits since 1946 and yet has made not one serious proposal to reform the entitlements that are clearly causing the problem.

But no, so help me, I just happen to be put off by the whole brown epidermis thing.  It gets to me.

Some on the left have unleashed wild accusations that I harbor a primal animosity toward Obama’s shredding of the Constitution, or his opposition to the ideals of the American founding. They think I look at Obama’s membership in a European-style socialist party (about which he lied) or his close relationship with anti-American terrorist William Ayers (about which he lied) or his twenty year tutelage under the racist, anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright (about which he almost certainly lied) or the several attempts at government encroachments so overweening that they have been struck down 9-0 by a normally divided Supreme Court — and see all that as evidence that this president is less committed to the American project than any leader of this continent since King George.

Wrong!  I’m just not down with this whole African-American business.  I mean, the guy’s all, like, dark and stuff.  What’s that about?

Listen, I don’t mind black people in their proper place. I can accept someone like Thomas Sowell, say, as one of the greatest political philosophers of our time, or Congressman Allen West as a shining example of the best and bravest men this nation can produce. But when it comes to running an administration of incompetence, corruption, arrogance and ignorance, well, doggone it, I feel that’s a job for a white man!

So to Sam Donaldson I say: “You got me. I don’t like Obama because he’s black. You I don’t like because you’re an idiot.”