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Racism or Silence? What's Wrong With This Picture?

This comes by way of Glenn Beck's increasingly excellent online news site The Blaze. A local Buffalo man is interviewed after the home of an African immigrant is set on fire by an arsonist. The Buffalo man says the fire is understandable because African-Americans ruin any neighborhood they move into.

Now before I react, let me reiterate what I've said here before. I believe racism as a philosophy is knuckleheaded pseudo-science and moral idiocy. It is the kind of half-smart thinking I expect from leftists, and goes entirely against the respect for the individual that is at the heart of conservatism.

That said, what struck me about the video above was not the opinion of the interviewee — who is an honest person on the ground reporting the facts as he sees them — but the reaction of the interviewer from local TV station WIVB-TV. He (sounds like a kid) is clearly shocked by the man's direct response to his questions and keeps asking, "Don't you see something wrong with what you're saying?  Mightn't this be offensive? Isn't there a bias to your opinion?"

Really? Is that the problem?