Klavan On The Culture

Victory for Baby Jonah!


Never mind Santorum’s stunning upsets in the midwest.  Don’t even mind the Giants win at the Super Bowl. The real victory today that the Mainstream Media doesn’t want you to think about:  Baby Jonah’s triumph over all in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter. Doubtless boosted by a flood of voters from this blog, the Doritos ad Sling Baby won the poll for most beloved Super Bowl commercial.  Justin Folk – the mastermind behind the visuals on PJTV’s Klavan on the Culture – worked on the ad’s SFX. He also worked on the star of the commercial, his son, Baby Jonah, who appeared as a reasonable facsimile of himself. Justin will share in a cash prize, and I’ll be hitting him up for a loan.

Pundits will be talking about the ramifications of this amazing victory for years, but one thing is certain. Klavan on the Culture voters have it within their gnarled and palsied hands to make the difference in any election anywhere any time. Let us then, with our hearts high and our eyes on the future, begin to collect as much money in political bribes as is humanly possible.  Why should Democrats have all the fun?