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Anchors Aweigh on the NRO Cruise

All right, folks, I'm taking off for a week to join the National Review Online cruise where I'll rub elbows with the conservative elite until complaints of elbow frottage lead to my being hurled overboard. By the time I get back, I will expect Rick Perry to have remembered what he was going to say; five more Cain accusers to have been debunked by Ann Coulter; France to have loaned money to Italy who will loan it to Greece so they can pay back France; Newt Gingrich to be the GOP front runner; and Barack Obama to have finished his new memoir, "Okay, So I Was Wrong!" For those of you who can't get by without my movie and book reviews, they are, "Fair," "Over-rated," and "Ruined By Mindless Liberalism." Apply where appropriate.

Until my return, don't let any of it get you down.  Remember:  God doesn't run for re-election.