Demonic and The Underrated Ann

It seems strange to say that Ann Coulter is underrated.  Every book she writes is a bestseller -- her new one, Demonic, is no exception.  When she’s on tour, you can barely turn on a TV or radio without seeing her face, hearing her voice.  I was in a restaurant with her once and she was so swamped with admiring members of the public I felt like I was part of a movie star’s entourage.  (I don’t really do entourages, but if I had to be part of one, I was glad it was hers.)  All the same, I don’t think she gets the respect she deserves.

I don’t expect anyone to give her the Pulitzer Prize.  The Pulitzer is one of those prizes liberals give to other liberals so they can call each other “prize-winning.”  It’s appalling, however, that in a country where a blithering bomb-throwing hack like Paul Krugman is given an ongoing column in a prominent former newspaper, Coulter is considered too incendiary to have a mainstream column of her own.  Her weekly piece online is routinely so witty, slashing and packed with information that it makes even some of the best newspaper columns look like pretty weak sauce in comparison.