The Sad Fate of Democrat Women

“I’m for abortion and free birth control!”

It’s always a little galling (not to mention hilarious) for those of us on the right to reflect that the Democratic Party — the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and family-destroying social programs — the party of Detroit, New Orleans, Newark, and Baltimore — the party that facilitates a black abortion rate that would bring a smile to the face of Planned Parenthood’s genocidally racist founder — has somehow managed to sell itself to African Americans as the friend of black people!


But it’s beginning to be equally galling (and equally comic) to reflect that the Democrats have also contrived to present themselves as the party of women.

This is the party whose most powerful senator left his probable mistress to drown after a car accident; the party whose most popular living president is a serial philanderer and accused rapist; the party whose most prominent woman rose to that prominence by virtue of her stand-by-your-man loyalty to a louse; and now the party of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, two men who have humiliated their wives with truly creepy behavior and yet seek to continue their political careers regardless.

We all make mistakes and it’s not that the GOP hasn’t got its share of sexual shenanigans, but the Republican establishment doesn’t routinely make excuses for its recidivist miscreants or make icons of their victimized spouses. The Dems…? They seem to think their political agenda somehow excuses their personal behavior. I joked on the Ricochet podcast last week that the party’s new slogan should be, “Women — We Treat You Like Dirt, But At Least You Can Kill Your Unborn Children!”

"Paging Ted Kennedy!"

“Paging Ted Kennedy!”


And yet, that’s really not much of a joke, is it? In truth, Democrat women seem perfectly all right with that slogan. It’s actually a winner for them! You remember erstwhile Time magazine writer Nina Burleigh who defended Bill Clinton’s Oval Office affair with Monica Lewinsky, saying, “I’d be happy to give him a blow job just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.” And, a 22-year-old babe who sexted with Weiner told him, “Your health care rants were a huge turn-on.”

So in other words, Democrat women are willing — even eager — to abet the bad behavior of men as long as those men support the Democrats’ theoretically pro-woman agenda of legal abortions and taxpayer-funded health care.

But isn’t it possible that the agenda and the behavior are connected? That is, ladies, maybe it’s not a coincidence that the same men who want to ensure your unborn child can be turned into medical waste — or who feel your vote (not to mention your sexual favors) can be bought in exchange for “free” birth control — are the very men who treat you like a collection of damp holes into which they can stick themselves without regard for your feelings, their principles, or basic human decency. The Kennedys, the Clintons, the Weiners, the Spitzers — maybe they have a natural home in a party that is always thinking of ways to transform female sexuality into a meaningless mechanism, and devising ways to fund that transformation with other people’s money.


It’s too bad really. I’m sort of fond of women, speaking generally. I know some guys have a problem with them, but taken as a sex, they’ve been really nice to me, all things considered. Sad to see them fall under the sway of a party that, both personally and politically, treats them like so many pieces of meat.



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