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Six Brave Sir Robins

March 28th, 2014 - 9:28 am

And so it begins:

Several Democratic senators moved Thursday to “improve” parts of ObamaCare, proposing numerous changes to the law amid concerns that it could cost Democrats House seats and possibly the Senate in November.

The proposals came from a half-dozen senators, some of whom are facing reelection in the fall and most of whom represent moderate-to-conservative states. Since Democrats currently control the Senate, the proposals will put Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., in an uncomfortable position — forcing him to decide whether to put the bills to a vote or sideline them, despite the political risks for his party’s incumbents.

“There is more to be done,” the senators wrote in an op-ed in Politico, outlining the proposed changes.

Sens. Mark Warner, D-Va.; Mark Begich, D-Alaska; Mary Landrieu, D-La.; Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D.; Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.; and Sen. Angus King, I., Maine, are behind the proposals.

This is smoke and mirrors, folks — an election-year ploy that won’t go far in the Senate and won’t go anywhere in the House. It’s nothing but an attempt to put distance between themselves and the bill each and every single damn one of them voted for, sight unseen.

We’re living with the consequences. Now it’s their turn.

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Looks like an attempt to pull a pincer movement on the GOP. Either the Republicans support 'fixing' the law, in which case they join the Democrats in defending the modified version, or they block 'fixing' the law in which case the Donks try to pin all the problems it causes on the refusal.

The fact that no Republicans voted for Obamacare means the Democrats own it, and all the consequences. They desperately want to find a plausible narrative that 'spreads the blame' to the other side of the aisle.
48 weeks ago
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You are spot-on, and the media will declare that pincer movement brilliant, well executed, and DESERVED because gosh darn, we all know its true, right?....

Why else did they anoint the Bloddy Red Communist of the DNC with a permanent shade of official, Party of Lincoln, Union Army BLUE?
48 weeks ago
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Mustard, ketchup and mayo...along with a basil pesto special sauce...for a crap sandwich.

You own it, Democrats. You eat it.
48 weeks ago
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