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If It’s So Good Then Why Are Democrats Looking So Vulnerable?

December 5th, 2013 - 6:17 am


OK then. Let’s skip the personal stories — even if the President is so fond of them — and look at the big picture.

• 5.5 million cancellation notices.

• Tens of millions more to come.

• Shrinking hospital staffs.

• Doctor shortage increasing.

• The norming of the 29-hour workweek.

• Higher premiums.

• Higher deductibles.

• Higher copays.

• Reduced service selection.

• Arbitrary and illegal execution of the law.

It seems almost unfair at this point to mention that increasing likelihood of a premium “death spiral” in the individual market, where those receiving cancellation notices are being sent. Or the resulting exploding deficits.

Ana Marie Cox might not care for some of the people fighting against this law, but that hardly makes it a good or effective law.

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Ana Maria Cox blew her deal with her publisher SO badly that they sued her for the return of the advance. If I were her, I would go into a deep silence, while pondering if she actually had the brain to write about ANYTHING.
But she's a liberal, so of course, she'll just scream louder.
18 weeks ago
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What the?

Is there some place that teaches these Libs how to appear incredibly smug and dismissive in photos?

I swear to God there must be.
18 weeks ago
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why in the world would anyone care what ana marie "wonkette" cox thinks?
18 weeks ago
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She's arguing semantics and trying to rip others for cherry picking data, when she's actually cherry picking data (and only three people? Really? Any reader can see you're playing fast and loose with statistics, Ms. Cox).

She doesn't bother to take note of the many problems and long list of people who have problems with the new Obamacare system. It's all cannibalized links to cannibalized leftist sites that circle reasoning.

Pundits and ideologues like this are going to spend 2014 with a shrinking base of believers. It's going to be fun to see them shake their magic decoder rings in the vain hopes that 2008 will come back.
18 weeks ago
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Christmas 2008 - October 1 2013: GOP expectations of failure
October 1 2013 - November 30 2013: universal declarations of failure
December 1 2013 - some time in 2014: GOP expectations of failure

Sometimes I actually feel kind of defeated in the face of all this liberal triumphalism. 2014 will be interesting.
18 weeks ago
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