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Cascading Failures Cascade

November 13th, 2013 - 12:56 pm

I take it back — not all the lying liars who lie have given up lying about lying. David Freddoso has the story:

The New Republic makes the argument that one man is disproportionately responsible for Obamacare’s failure — Cato health care expert Michael Cannon.

I think I speak for many here when I say, “Huh — wha???” More:

No, it doesn’t make sense (Cannon offers a response here) but let me at least give you a flavor of the argument — it’s actually just a new or recycled version of one of the lame defenses of the administration that’s been out there for some time.

The short version is, evil Republican governors made setting up a much bigger project than anyone anticipated — never mind that the site couldn’t handle almost any traffic at launch, gave out incorrect prices to the few who did manage to log on, etc. But back to Freddoso:

If you want to blame Cannon for the feds’ failure to complete a simple IT project, then you might as well blame Democrats for passing Obamacare in the first place and making a government IT project necessary. You’d be much more accurate to blame the White House for ignoring all the red flags, ignoring the warnings of sympathetic experts who knew that they weren’t taking this thing seriously enough. No don’t blame states for taking advantage of an option that would allow them to avoid the whole mess by leaving the website in the feds’ hands. crashed after midnight on its launch day under the weight of just 2,000 simultaneous users — a fraction of what anyone should have expected. And even if overwhelming interest hit them hard that first night, it has probably never been a true problem for or any of the state exchanges, it isn’t now, and I’m guessing it never will be again. Consider some of these state exchanges in states where they’ve actually tried very hard to make the law work. In Minnesota, for example, they had only 42,000 unique users in their first month. Dear reader, this humble website, Conservative Intel, gets far more traffic than that, and there’s no mandate that says all Americans must read it or pay a penalty.

The fact is that we have an unworkable law being promulgated by witless bureaucrats working for a deeply disinterested executive.

Let? It? Burn? You might as well try to extinguish napalm with a squirt gun.

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I think the proper response to this ocare rollout debacle should be:
nah nah na poopie, I told you so, I know I am but what are you, hardy har har, pssssssssst, (fart noises), Bronx cheer, and then we could make silly comments about this disaster.
22 weeks ago
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They bought his idea. Whose fault is it? Incompetent, clueless or blame shifting.
23 weeks ago
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It'll be interesting to see how the Stupid Party screws up this gift. They've got a giant beachball sitting on a batting tee and an oversized bat. But they'll whiff.
23 weeks ago
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If the Vichy Republican Bend-over Caucus insists on saving president Zero's butt on this, I have no sympathy for them losing their seats to Democrats.

They've made their pitch, then folded like a cheap card table under the slightest pressure when the press called them names during the ensuing shut down. They should find their backbone, and their sack, and insist that the President and His Party find a solution that does not involve a delay, or any further modifications of the law by executive edict.

And to the masses that denied that this was coming - SUCK IT!.
23 weeks ago
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No, they have to offer their own solutions, but they have to be solutions that will unravel ObamaCare. They need to bring up part after part of the law. Bring it into the light. Expose it. Debate it. Kill it. Piece by piece. ObamaCare needs to die the death of a thousand cuts.

Once we start debating the law, in the light of this grim reality, once we have the debate we should have had 4 years ago, it is over for ObamaCare. Dems cannot argue reality. They argue emotions. When faced with incontrovertible reality, they have no arguments left.

Death by a thousand cuts to the law.
23 weeks ago
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