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Google’s Big Oops

November 12th, 2013 - 8:24 am


Google launched Android in large part as a hedge against Apple dropping them from iOS — something which Apple had no intention of doing before Google launched Android.


I should mention that Bing is now iOS’s default search engine, too.

So, like, way to go, Google.

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All Comments   (4)
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I suspect Google is perfectly happy to have 4/5 of the smartphone market out of Apple's hands, even if they lose ground on the remaining 1/5. Google's business model has always been to stop everyone but Google from controlling any aspect of the internet, to make sure that they have unfettered access to their actual revenue streams.
49 weeks ago
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I've been using iOS maps since the launch-- a few minor teething issues aside, I greatly prefer it to Google maps. Less clutter, easier on the eyes, and the traffic data is much closer to reality.
50 weeks ago
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Not me. Even when I was still using an iPhone I stuck with Gmaps, and when my wife and her mother complain about Apple Maps on their iPhones (which they do) I remind them they still have the good map apps on their phones and the complaints fade away.
50 weeks ago
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If you strike at the king, better kill the king. If you're going to take Vienna, then take Vienna.

If you're going to compete with a major partner, then out-compete your major partner.
50 weeks ago
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